In Iceland, discovered a giant UFO, which appears every ten years

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In Iceland, discovered a giant UFO, which appears every ten years

Nowadays, the emergence of "flying saucers" is popularized to capacity, and news about giant UFOs is especially common in the media today. And if before the alleged alien spaceships appeared in the sky exclusively in the form of hardly noticeable points of white color, now, apparently, the aliens do not disdain and land right next to densely populated cities. Another proof of this opinion can be called a recent incident that occurred in Iceland and was filmed on the camera of a mobile device. As you can see in the corresponding video published on the YouTube service, a huge saucer-shaped vessel of "green men" hung over Reykjavik.

At the moment, the video is being discussed by Internet users, among whom there are enough skeptics and those who believe in the existence of an alien civilization. In addition, he hastened to comment on a remarkable case and the famous researcher Scott Waring, who had long devoted himself exclusively to such issues. At the same time, the expert is not in a hurry to associate the incident with aliens, since the giant object looks more like a cloud that has assumed a bizarre look. However, the media scientist does not exclude that humanoids could well have created a spacecraft of this type to hide from human eyes in the clouds. In addition, Scott is going to study remarkable content further to finally understand the nature of the origin of this phenomenon.

As a popular conspiracy theorist added, the last time an unidentified flying object of this form made it known more than ten years ago. He was confronted by a British pilot who said that a huge device of an assembly unknown to him had appeared next to his plane. Given the fact that the pilot had vast experience in his business, it was not so difficult for him to distinguish a cloud from a spacecraft or an airliner.

Ardent lovers of classical science, in turn, are confident that the so-called lenticular cloud, which has absolutely nothing to do with extraterrestrial life, fell into the frame. Other skeptics even noted that the author of the video could edit the content using Photoshop to get a striking effect and become famous for it. By the way, Waring did not agree with this, saying that he checked the material for authenticity and did not notice anything suspicious in this regard.

Clouds, taking the form of a "flying saucer", began to appear in the news even more often than real aircraft of unknown production. Most of all such phenomena are recorded on camera in the United States and Europe, but lately something similar often occurs in the airspace of the Russian Federation. Not so long ago, a large disc-shaped cloud was photographed by local residents of Kaltan, Kemerovo region. Those whose fantasies have no boundaries, began to talk about the invasion of aliens, while others easily understood that this was just an aquatic pair of interesting shapes.