In Illinois, an unusual UFO hit the camera, which made ufologists think

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In Illinois, an unusual UFO hit the camera, which made ufologists think

The new appearance of the alleged "flying saucer" was recorded on a mobile phone camera in the United States of America. At this time, an unidentified flying object was not so much saucer-shaped as rectangular. The unusual form of the heavenly “guest” quickly became another topic of conversation for Internet thinkers, who began to share their hypotheses about this.

A mysterious phenomenon declared itself on September 22 in Illinois, and was told about it by the popular media ufologist Scott Waring. The UFO expert posted interesting content on the Web and suggested that lovers of such stories help him understand the nature of the formation of an incomprehensible object. He himself, of course, thinks that this is the work of the aliens.

At the same time, a researcher from Taiwan was very surprised when he learned that there were no witnesses to this incident. An alternative scientist does not understand how such a large spacecraft was noticed by anyone except the author of the video. It also seems strange to a specialist that the aliens began to make rectangular aircraft.

It is worth noting that the creator of the mysterious material is not Scott, but a person who did not dare to give his name, but quickly realized that it was a must to transfer video with a strange object to ufologists. According to a local resident, he happened to capture the anomalous appearance quite accidentally during a trip by car.

As the eyewitness told a strange incident, initially it seemed to him that a bird was flying in the sky, but then it became clear that he could not be alive, and only during the shooting it was finally clear that the vessel was most likely hit by a ship of the so-called " green men ", often appearing recently in the airspace of North America.

Interestingly, many World Wide Web users who supported Waring's opinion noticed a certain glow in a certain part of the object that fell on the camera. According to one version, the light was turned on in the spacecraft. Among other things, the alternative scientist stressed that the dimensions of the rectangular apparatus are impressive.

However, skeptics cannot be softened, and this time – the video seems to them a fake. Some of them even joked that in the good old photoshop a tin can was attached to the sky background. Adherents of traditional science do not understand how it was possible to believe that the spacecraft was filmed.

Unidentified flying objects of unusual shape have long ceased to be a rarity in the United States, as in all other countries. A few days ago, residents of the city of Milwaukee, located in Wisconsin, noticed something strange in the sky. One of the witnesses of the incident filmed what happened on a smartphone, thanks to which the public began to talk about the most strange invention of humanoids. The object had no form and moved with surprising chaos. Some even decided that the video captured the usual dark package, soaring into the air.