In India, the clouds went against all laws of nature and hit the locals

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In India, the clouds went against all laws of nature and hit the locals

A week ago, a resident of Bangalore, India, captured on the camera of his mobile device a striking phenomenon in the sky. As Sander Tong said, he had to face flat and "fiery" clouds of strange colors, which, according to scientists, cannot be seen, since nature never creates exact geometric shapes. However, an eyewitness to the anomaly told the press, now all this can be found on YouTube. A strange event was the cause of intense disputes among Internet users who are currently trying to understand what the Indian actually filmed.

According to Sander, on the day of the appearance of celestial strangeness, he needed to go to the medical center. Coming out of the house, he saw something truly amazing. As you can see in the video, the mysterious cloud consists of two layers, one of which is smooth, and the second is very much like a flame. In the Global Web, a remarkable story was immediately confirmed by other witnesses who left no chance to those who consider the mysterious content to be fake. And the author of the video said that he had never used photoshop before, and simply could not do it because of his inability to handle a popular program.

Internet users who believe in aliens, hastened to call what they saw a spacecraft, and also noted that recently the so-called "green men" are hiding worse and worse from human eyes behind the clouds. Other commentators stopped on the hypothesis concerning religion, taking the mysterious phenomenon as a divine sign, which, however, cannot be solved yet. There were also those who saw in the strange object the fruits of the experiment set by the American military. Adherents of the theory of thinking clouds, which say that a celestial couple periodically has a mind, do not stand aside, and therefore its forms and movements become what they like.

Nowadays, fancy clouds can hardly be called something out of the ordinary. And even despite the fact that scientists have failed to fully explain the nature of their education, no one can be surprised by such phenomena. And only sometimes their forms really amaze the imagination of even ufologists who told all of them, as it was a few days ago in Iceland. Then a giant disc-shaped object resembling a cloud appeared over Reykjavik, and it is still not entirely clear what it really was.

There is an assumption that in Iceland, the famous alien spacecraft, which appears once a decade, made itself known. This hypothesis was highlighted by the famous media researcher Scott Waring. Traditional scientists, in turn, believe that it was still a cloud that adopted the style of the so-called "flying saucer". Something similar had been noticed before in the airspace of the Russian Federation and the United States of America, which is considered the most visited country by unidentified flying objects.