In Kansas, a huge tornado took the form of a "flying saucer"

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In Kansas, a huge tornado took the form of a "flying saucer"

On June 26 and 27, residents of the North American state of Kansas could observe a striking picture: the huge tornado that covered Eureka took the form of a "flying saucer", which is considered a traditional alien spacecraft. Against the background of a very unusual development of events on the Internet, a big debate broke out, as opponents of skeptics began to believe that the aliens really visited our planet in a rather original way.

However, employees of ufological organizations have already denied the version associated with UFOs, having seen only the raging elements in the relevant photos. By the way, alternative scientists have recognized that a mysterious phenomenon can indeed be confused with a giant ship of aliens. A remarkable picture of a bold eyewitness is now gaining popularity on the social network Twitter.

According to preliminary data, about eight people were injured due to this tornado. In addition, many homes were destroyed, and the peace of Kansas residents disturbed. Local authorities declared a state of emergency, and Red Cross shelters reopened to those who need them now. It is also known that more than a thousand people were left without electricity.