In NASA announced the cause of problems with Roscosmos

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In NASA announced the cause of problems with Roscosmos

The incident with the leakage of air on the ISS is still very hot, because the parties did not come to a consensus, and an uncomfortable atmosphere of mistrust hangs in the air. Eric Berger, editor of the online news publication ArsTechnica, contacted a NASA representative to get answers on a number of questions about what happened at the end of August at the International Space Station.

The United States advocates a version that the damage on the Soyuz ship occurred either during assembly in Russia, or just before the launch from the site of the Baikonur cosmodrome. Berger explained that with such a statement, NASA shows complete confidence in the non-involvement of its astronauts in the incident.

The publication notes that a very small hole on the ISS caused a significant gap between the programs of Russia and the United States on board. In addition, the hasty statements of the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin, who did not wait for the results of the investigation, aggravated the situation.

Not so long ago, Rogozin made an official statement, in which he expressed almost 100 percent confidence that a hole in the lining of the Soyuz did not appear in the process of its manufacture. NASA responded to the words of a Russian official, noting that even if this is so, it does not mean that the hole was intentionally made, pursuing an evil intent.

In October, Dmitry Rogozin will meet with NASA President Jim Brydenstein, within the framework of which this difficult question will, of course, be as informative as possible. And next month, Russian cosmonauts will go into outer space and check from the outside that part of the "Union" where there was damage.

Air leakage was recorded at night on August 30. Found that a hole of 2 millimeters is in the domestic compartment docked to the station of the Russian ship "Soyuz MS-09". Later, several patches were applied to the damaged area, which solved the problem. An investigation revealed that the hole was obtained due to the intentional impact of the drill. The trial continues at the highest level.