In NASA said that Nibiru – invention of mystifiers

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In NASA said that Nibiru - invention of mystifiers

Ufologists and conspiracy therapists most often speak of Nibiru, who do not shy away from predicting the End of the World, while defying specific dates. True, these people have been wrong many times, but the fact of the matter is that they do not feel any responsibility for themselves. Quite another is the representatives of serious organizations, and now they are no longer worth scattering such statements. On the eve of Nibiru they paid a little attention to NASA, where they confidently reported that there could not be such a space object, and even more so it does not threaten life on Earth.

Michael Hess, who is the deputy director of NASA’s Lyndon Johnson Space Center, spoke to journalists about this topic. The words of the representative of the main space agency of the world

Hess said that there are still a lot of objects in the universe that are still not open to science, and some of them are located somewhere even in our star system, but there is definitely no one like Nibiru. Of course, against the background of hysteria about the inevitable Apocalypse outlined by conspiracy the experts checked this data just in case. It turned out that Nibiru is an invention of mystifiers, nothing more, so you should not be afraid.

“People just react to what they read on the Web. NASA controls the space situation, and the Earth is not threatened by large space objects at the present time. If such a body appears once, neutralization measures will be taken immediately,” Hess said. .

But independent researchers, who believe only in themselves and others like themselves, are already too imbued with the idea of ​​Nibiru, so Mr. Hess’s arguments are hardly knocked down from the chosen road. Conspiracyologists do not get tired to say that NASA is trying to hide the real situation, and this concerns both the themes of aliens and the existence of a gigantic object rushing toward the Earth and preparing to destroy everything in its path. X and a terrible death with her.