In NASA told whether dangerous for the ISS tool for the ISS

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In NASA told whether dangerous for the ISS tool for the ISS

During the next experiment on the International Space Station, the allen key was lost, once in outer space. The question arose about the possible consequences for the ISS, but the representative of NASA on the work of the station Gary Jordan assured that the tool does not represent any danger.

The past experiment was conducted on November 30 in the airlock chamber of the Japanese Kibo module. Due to the carelessness of the astronauts, the key was not well secured, and therefore jumped away.

“Taking into account the set of characteristics of this instrument and the videos made by the satellites, we can say for sure that the object is completely harmless for the International Space Station,” Gary Jordan told the press.

He also stressed that the station has a sufficient number of spare tools, so the loss of one key will not be critical.

On the eve, we recall, a new crew arrived in the ISS in the person of Russian Oleg Kononenko, American Anne McClain and the representative of Canada David Saint-Jacques. Astronauts will spend an exhausting six months in orbit.