In New Jersey, aliens were watching people

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In New Jersey, aliens were watching people

On the popular YouTube channel called UFO Institute, which was opened by experts in mysterious celestial phenomena, a new video appeared, which has become another proof that representatives of extraterrestrial life are still watching us. The amazing incident was captured on camera in North American New Jersey.

In the airspace of the United States, two unidentified aircraft made themselves known. Against the background of the situation on the Internet, a verbal struggle ensued, in which skeptical users and their eternal rivals – those who firmly believe in the existence of aliens – began to take part.

As the domestic news site VladTaym broadcasts with reference to foreign sources, the mysterious moment was recorded in Paulsboro on June 10 of this year, but the mysterious material became public only a few days ago.

At night, two orange objects appeared in the sky in the form of so-called "flying saucers", which were completely motionless hanging in the air. UFO decently frightened the witnesses, as they were very low above the ground. According to preliminary data from relevant researchers, the spacecraft were fifteen meters from the ground. Ufologists believe that humanoids carefully monitored people.

Previously, in the same New Jersey, a fast unidentified object was spotted, flying over one of the cities of the state at an incredible speed.