In New Jersey, at close range, a video was filmed of how a fighter met with an alien spacecraft.

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In New Jersey, at close range, a video was filmed of how a fighter met with an alien spacecraft.

Very curious content now travels on the World Wide Web, and it is especially interesting to ufologists and fans of science fiction films about aliens. We are talking about a video clip in which a military aircraft is pursuing an unidentified flying object, assembled, according to the assumptions of conspiracy, not on the planet of people.

In this case, this material was made back in November 2018, and only a few days ago the users of the World Wide Web first encountered it. At the moment, Internet thinkers, traditionally divided into skeptics and lovers of the unproven, are trying to understand what actually got into the frame near an aircraft of terrestrial development.

The author of the amusing creation was an American from the state of New Jersey, who did not wish to share his name. The young man has no doubt that he happened to witness a bomber chasing the real “flying saucer” of humanoids. Of course, nowadays, when almost anyone has a cell phone with a camera in his pocket, it was not difficult for a guy to capture the incredible celestial incident.

For a long time, the American did not show evidence of what happened on the Web, as he was afraid that he would be accused of being too much in love with Photoshop, but he showed the video to UFO experts who, in turn, posted the material on their YouTube channel.

A very remarkable video demonstrates a cigar-shaped dark-colored UFO of decent size, flying fast in a clear sky. In the video you can also note that the fighter pilot apparently became interested in the mysterious “guest”.

It is worth noting that the movie, rapidly gaining popularity, lasts only thirty seconds, so the viewer is not given the opportunity to find out how the confrontation between a possible alien spacecraft and a military aircraft ended.

It is worth noting that the ufologists who deal with such secrets and who declared that the video is genuine, called the incident in the sky one of the most impressive in recent times. It is also worth noting that the faded saucer-like anomalies, which often appear in the airspace of a particular country, have long been boring to earthlings, but the chase of UFO bombers is extremely rare for video.

Among other things, the proposed alien spacecraft on a relatively fresh video can be well considered, since it was located during the creation of interesting content, rather low above the ground.

As for the materialists, who do not seem to believe in the existence of aliens, even against the background of the most weighty evidence, the shocking video seemed to them a fake. According to lovers of traditional mentality, an unidentified object does not look very plausible, which leads to the conclusion that the person who published the video first conducted it through Photoshop filters, having achieved a mind-blowing result and allowed the ufologists to once again shine their knowledge in pseudoscientific area.

A strange case in California, associated with a UFO and caught on video

No less fascinating video created not so long ago, a citizen of the United States. The young man captured an unidentified object circling above a military base called Vandenberg, located in Santa Barbara County, California.

This event happened on February 8, when the guy just walked around, having a smartphone with him. The appearance of aliens over a remote unit, according to experts in similar situations, is due to the fact that they are interested in military equipment, hidden behind its walls.