In New Jersey, just two UFOs hit the video

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In New Jersey, just two UFOs hit the video

A mysterious incident occurred in the territory of the US state of New Jersey a few days ago. This case, the researchers of the most mysterious events associated with aliens. We are talking about two unidentified objects similar to "flying saucers", which are considered to be ufologists by traditional spacecraft of representatives of foreign civilization.

Two strange white anomalies frightened the locals and hit the lens of a mobile device, immediately becoming a sensation on the World Wide Web. The corresponding video is currently being intensively discussed on the Internet by its users, divided, as always, among skeptics and supporters of conspiracy.

An incredible turn of events occurred near the Delaware River on the Atlantic coast of the country. According to eyewitnesses, in the airspace they saw two strange unidentified objects. "Space guests" witnesses were captured on video on March 17, 2019.

According to local residents, at first only one celestial body made itself known, but after about ten seconds a second supposed spacecraft appeared on the right side of one object. Previously, people from those places didn’t see anything like that, so some of them were very scared, having decided that aliens want to take over our planet.

A remarkable material appeared on the YouTube channel with the name UFOmania – The truth is out there, the creators of which have long been involved in issues related to alien objects. Fresh video scored ten thousand views and a lot of comments. Internet thinkers have shared their views on this matter, noting that several UFOs do not get into the frame every day.

Ufologists are sure that the video that appeared before the eyes of the public is genuine. Non-traditional scientific luminaries suggested that the interstellar inhabitants became interested in North America and began to study its spaces. Not really, however, it is clear for what purpose the aliens decided to know all the depths of the globe.

Skeptics do not doubt that the sensational video has nothing to do with aliens, who, according to them, simply do not exist. Proponents of a rational way of life believe that the author could use Photoshop to become a little famous, as many Internet users have been doing lately.

Among other things, some followers, who also do not believe in the existence of aliens, saw an ordinary natural phenomenon on the video, in particular, small clouds. However, the latter hypothesis does not seem very plausible, since clots of atmospheric steam cannot move like this. Not without those who called the objects caught in the lens, aircraft of earthly production, which can be bought today in almost any store.

Space ship recently discovered on mars

Earlier, an interesting object on the Red Planet was noticed by one of the most popular ufologists Scott Waring. Another statement by a former teacher from Taiwan has traditionally divided the World Wide Web users into skeptics and believers that we are not alone in the universe. The UFO specialist said that the object he found was an alien-made aircraft. According to the researcher, the so-called "flying saucer" crashed.

It is worth noting that an extraordinary thinker even earlier reported an alien vessel crashing on Mars, adding that they need to be saved as soon as possible.