In North Carolina, a very strange UFO hit the video and hit the Internet

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In North Carolina, a very strange UFO hit the video and hit the Internet

In North Carolina, unidentified flying objects were noticed that hit not only the author of the video, where you can see this anomaly, but the entire Internet.

Several UFOs, which, according to ufologists, may in fact be a single object, landed in the frame when the operator was on the coast. The local didn’t want to shoot anything, but his plans for the evening changed a little after two lights appeared in the sky. According to an eyewitness, a strange incident lasted for a whole hour, but only a certain segment of the event was on the video.

The young man noted that from time to time other formations of a similar type appeared around two bright UFOs, only they seemed not so large. Objects then froze in the air, then began to move. The guy was able to remove all this even on November 20, and posted a video on the Web only a few days ago.

As the American added, he had never seen anything so surprising before. In addition, the creator of the incredible video fell into confusion and for a long time could not recover. It seems to him that what happened is directly related to representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. He already sent an interesting video to ufologists.

“Suddenly one of these lights stopped burning, but twenty minutes later he reappeared. That's when I started shooting a video. After his return to the frame other lights began to appear. It was very unusual. I was scared because I didn’t know what it could be, ”the man said.

World Wide Web users were quick to share their views on this issue. And not everyone believed that alien ships really hit the shot. Someone decided that it was a fireball, and someone just laughed at the author of the video.

"You are lucky enough that you did not become a victim of aliens," – someone joked under the nickname Dave Sprike.

One of the followers also added that the video caught burning gas format torch, which resides on the oil rig and splits into several lights due to atmospheric dispersion.

Another strange object caught on camera in North America

Prior to this, a similar case was seen in Ohio. Just a few lights made themselves felt near the military base. An unidentified triangular object approached an eyewitness who managed to capture it and surprise the media with an interesting creation. By the way, many believe that in fact it was the good old TR-3B – the legendary stealth military aircraft of the American assembly.