In Oklahoma, the photographer shot on camera beautiful sprites in the sky

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In Oklahoma, the photographer shot on camera beautiful sprites in the sky

In the sky over the US state of Oklahoma, an extraordinary beauty appeared called sprites. A local photographer managed to get photographs, and then published them on the Internet. Sprites can be seen in the sky during a thunderstorm.

A photographer named Paul Smith at that time was 160 kilometers from a raging storm in northwestern Oklahoma, where this celestial phenomenon appeared. He led the "hunt" for sprites, what he has been doing for several years, and this time he too was waiting for success. Frames were posted on his page on the social network Twitter.

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What are sprites?

Sprites are electrical discharges of cold plasma that occur at an altitude of 50-130 kilometers, where the mesosphere and the thermosphere extend. These charming-looking lightning can be up to 50 kilometers in length, while the usual ones are only about 5.

Feature of the sprites is that they are extremely difficult to catch – they appear only 100 milliseconds immediately after a powerful lightning. For this reason, for a long time the scientific world did not know at all about the existence of this natural phenomenon, which is now rightfully considered one of the most beautiful.

Jets were first discovered in 1989, and then, it happened quite by accident. Then, physicists from the University of Minnesota experienced a new sensitive camera, directing its lens in the random direction of the sky, where a thunderstorm was just rolling. During the review of the resulting record, experts noticed funnel-shaped light flashes lasting several milliseconds. When analyzing satellite images, it turned out that such phenomena were recorded far more than once. To date, science can not yet explain the mechanism of the appearance of sprites and determine the frequency of their appearance.