In "Roskosmos" called the main version of the failure of the space telescope "Spektr-R"

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In "Roskosmos" called the main version of the failure of the space telescope "Spektr-R"

Roscosmos believes that the main version of the reasons for the loss of communication with the Russian space radio telescope Spectr-R is associated with harsh conditions in space. This was told by Alexander Bloshenko, an adviser to the head of a state corporation.

He noted that the corporation specialists had not analyzed the possible reasons, because at this stage it is too early to do so. In general, a whole set of factors will be considered, due to the conditions of the orbit on which Spectrum-R is currently located. If we take the farthest point that it occupies during its travel in its orbit, the device turns out to be 350 thousand kilometers from our planet.

“There are a whole range of reasons. It can be temperature drops, radiation, electrostatic charge accumulation, ”said Bloshenko, stressing that the radio telescope will be able to calculate the cause of the breakdown taking into account all possible factors.

One of the versions states that Spectrum-R collided with space debris, which led to a loss of communication with it. Blouchenko himself does not consider this explanation as a priority. He explained that if this were indeed the case, then the device would have completely collapsed, nevertheless, it continues to function, transmitting data to Earth.

Now the experts of the Scientific Production Association named after him try to reconnect with the telescope. S.A. Lavochkin, the company that created this unit, but there are no results yet. Earlier, Bloshenko said that communication sessions will be made until the signal comes from the Spectrum, indicating that it is working.

The director of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician Lev Zeleny, who appreciated the chances to fix the Spectr-R, spoke with the press. He noted that the probability of a successful outcome of the operation is quite high, even though the device has long passed the line of warranty service.

In space, the Spektr-R was sent in the summer of 2011, in 2014 its warranty period of service came to an end. Nevertheless, the radio telescope continues to work to this day, fulfilling its tasks, but, as recent news shows, serious problems have emerged that can put an end to the implementation of the program.

Recall that the spacecraft stopped responding to commands sent from Earth on January 10, 2019.