In the Grand Canyon discovered an alien ship that is four thousand years old

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In the Grand Canyon discovered an alien ship that is four thousand years old

A group of American amateur researchers shared with the public an amazing discovery made on the plateau of Colorado, Arizona, in one of the deepest canyons in the world, called the Grand Canyon, and is also known simply as the Grand Canyon or Grand Canyon. In a deep river valley with incredibly steep slopes, a strange object was found, strongly reminiscent of a traditional alien assembly spacecraft or a "flying saucer." Alternative scientists who stumbled upon the alleged alien aircraft, hastened to report this to recognized experts who made an amazing conclusion. According to the luminaries of science, the mysterious ship lay in the gorge for about four thousand years.

According to experts who had become acquainted with the find and arrived at the appropriate place in the company of the American military, the splendidly preserved spacecraft was assembled from radiated metal. About this story, they even shot a video posted on the Planeta Snakedos YouTube channel. Mysterious material only in the first days after publication accumulated hundreds of thousands of views and a bunch of comments from users who decided to share their hypotheses on a relevant issue. At the same time, according to the creators of the video, which runs a little over ten minutes, the expedition, during which the "flying saucer" was found, took place several months ago, but only now it is known what it ultimately crowned with.

“A few months ago, a special group of experts was hired to study the remains found in the Grand Canyon, United States of America. When they arrived at the scene, they also happened to find the body of an unidentified flying object, which, as it became known after the examination, was there more four thousand years old. If someone is interested in understanding what happened, then let's do it together. At the moment, scientists are going to do this more deeply, then to talk about their thoughts, in particular, about how the spaceship was in the gorge. Write your comments and share with us what you think, "reads the text below the video.

However, some of the regulars on the World Wide Web are in no hurry to believe that during the expedition they found a ship of extraterrestrial assembly. As one skeptical user wrote, the find may turn out to be what people created. As one of the anonymous commentators stated, this device was created by the famous inventor Nikola Tesla.

"Tesla has already provided data, reports, technologies and even plans for the construction of the ship, which you talk about in this video. He did it a long time ago. As for the several thousand years that, according to the press, the ship lay in the canyon, I would not he began to believe every word of the journalists. We often believe what they say to us, but do the scientists who studied the object really think so? It’s difficult to judge this, but I don’t really want to believe everything, "the Internet thinker announced his opinion.

Now UFO is located at a secret base in North America, where it will be investigated in detail. According to preliminary data, the aliens who controlled the device decently reminded people. This conclusion was made by scientific thinkers because of the structure of the object’s cabin. The famous scientist Henry Lemont believes that for a long time the aliens lived in the canyon, unable to get out of there, because strange drawings resembling humanoids were discovered in it.

Previously unidentified objects were noticed on the surface of Mars. According to representatives of the ufological organization, crashed "flying saucers" hit the lens.