In the Philippines, a mysterious heavenly light turns on and off

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In the Philippines, a mysterious heavenly light turns on and off

Residents of the Philippine city of Pasay witnessed a strange heavenly phenomenon at night. As one of the witnesses, who captured an incomprehensible moment on the camera, said that a light had come to light, which then brightly lit up in the clouds darkened from the dark of the day, or went out.

“This night was no different from the rest. But at some point I saw a mysterious light in the sky that was blue, but rather purple. It made its way through the clouds and hit me with its brightness. But this did not last so long At first I didn’t think of shooting light on the camera, but then I thought that others would also want to look at it, and there was no thunderstorm at that time, and the Moon appeared from an unusual direction for everyone, breaking through the clouds with its own light. Then, heavenly light went out, as if someone had turned it off. flax ", – he wrote the author of the video.

Researchers specializing in paranormal phenomena and unidentified flying objects have already begun to analyze the incident in detail. However, skeptics have no doubt that a natural appearance similar to the northern lights hit the camera. Other Internet thinkers associate an anomaly in the sky with a new kind of lightning.