In the UK, huge mysterious patterns formed in the fields

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In the UK, huge mysterious patterns formed in the fields

In the UK, which is the third in the list of countries most visited by unidentified flying objects, strange phenomena are again noticed. This time, traces of alleged spacecraft of an alien assembly appeared. A few days ago, residents of the English village of Cerne Ebbas, located in the county of Dorset, discovered mysterious patterns in the fields that interested not only users of the World Wide Web, but also representatives of ufological companies. However, law enforcement agencies were the first to get involved in this, trying to catch in hot pursuit those who ruined the grass, but who failed to achieve positive results in this matter. According to police, the drawings should be considered the work of some jokers.

Mysterious formations in the field appeared completely unexpectedly. People watching the field saw possible footprints of "flying saucers" in the morning. At the same time, they were not there last night. According to law enforcement officers, the drawings were created by a whole group of people who masterfully own special equipment. However, researchers specializing in such puzzles hastened to discard the police version, since the work was done with incredible accuracy, and this is almost impossible for a person, given the size of the formations in the field. Ufologists only have to carefully familiarize themselves with the amazing find, but they have almost no doubts that it is the work of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

A remarkable and truly beautiful “alien masterpiece” is a kind of wind rose with eight rays. According to alternative scientists, this scheme is most likely associated with the lunar phases. According to experts, the center of education is the Earth, the months are the Moon, and the circles next to the months are the Sun.

Parapsychologist Sergei Lazarev, in turn, does not agree that aliens leave the patterns in the fields. According to the writer, in fact, it comes from parallel worlds, the inhabitants of which are not able to transmit information to us directly, but with the help of such creations they do it constantly. In addition, the researcher is confident that people who look at such patterns are spiritually cleansed, thus helping the aliens from those worlds fulfill a certain mission. Lazarev does not know if alien creatures want good for people, but he is sure that some wanderers from other worlds certainly do not wish us harm.

“Strange patterns appear within a few minutes, and no one can ever notice those who painted them, they cannot be sure to hold the artists accountable. By the way, the farm damage in such cases is quickly compensated by spatial harmonization in the relevant area, and this , of course, it has a great effect on the people who live in it, but it’s worthwhile to understand that such spiritual harmonization has no connection with physical goods. Such help from other worlds is suitable for those who do not pursue money, wanting to develop sya exclusively internally, "- explained Lazarev.