In the United States, a photographer came across a giant UFO in the form of a pterodactyl, filmed it and shocked the media with inconceivable material

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In the United States, a photographer came across a giant UFO in the form of a pterodactyl, filmed it and shocked the media with inconceivable material

The appearance of UFOs, which lately every now and then fall on video from various points of the globe, has long surprised no one. Unless only an unusual form or a strange manner of flight of an unidentified celestial "guest" can, so to speak, renew an interest in such phenomena. And this is exactly what happened a few days ago in the USA. A strange object in the form of pterodactyl, which hit the frame, just hit the media.

Now a mysterious incident by hook or by crook is attempted by independent researchers and ordinary users of the World Wide Web, who love to announce their word in such matters. According to some information, the photo got a real alien ship, created on the basis of the latest technologies.

The picture was created by one of the local residents of the city of Perrysvill. In this case, an incomprehensible appearance fell on the camera at random, and even the author of the remarkable photo did not notice it immediately. As the man said, that day he photographed the beauties of nature, and when he came home and began to check what he was wearing, he discovered an amazing formation in one of the pictures.

The most popular media ufologist Scott Waring, who noted that the photo clearly shows how the UFO-pterodactyl throws its shadow to the heavens, took an unprecedented opportunity. The researcher of similar events also added that the imprinted object seems incredibly large. Offhand, it is several times larger than the Boeing 747. As an alternative scientist suggests, an unusual UFO was invisible to an earthling, and only the digital component of the camera provided a rare opportunity to notice it.

“An interesting object is decently similar to pterodactyl, and I have never seen anything like it before. And since he throws a large shadow at the sky, this means that the size of this UFO is striking. I am sure that there is no talk about an unmanned vehicle, as well as a kite. What we have come across is one of a number of incredible mysteries, ”said Scott.

However, skepticism supporters do not even think that the object imprinted in Ohio has anything to do with alien civilization, which, in turn, is clearly hinted at by Waring. According to skeptics, an American photographer captured some bird, or simply used a special computer program to become a little famous, as is popular today in the United States of America.

UFO video of incredible shape near the moon

In the middle of October 2018, an amateur astronomer from Moscow recorded an amazing phenomenon on camera, which sped up near a natural earth satellite. In the video, Internet users noticed that the incomprehensible object that hit their speed of their flight, much like a dragon. However, only the most obstinate admirers of fiction began to think that a fire-breathing creature from fairy tales really got into the frame. Nevertheless, as experts on all kinds of anomalies noted, similar incidents did not happen before, and therefore it is necessary to undertake to study it as soon as possible.