In the US, scientists have discovered pieces of an alien ship that has been around for many years and understood how UFOs fly

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In the US, scientists have discovered pieces of an alien ship that has been around for many years and understood how UFOs fly

Researchers who search for representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization and periodically stumble upon strange objects, not only appearing in the celestial space of different countries, but also directly on the ground, sometimes tell the public that in a given city the so-called "flying saucer", considered classic alien aircraft. And a few days ago, experts on similar issues reported on another such discovery, having analyzed in detail the components of the proposed spacecraft.

According to experts, the fragments found on the eve belong to the “green men”, who have been in distress on our planet lately. At the moment, a fresh story related to humanoids, does not give rest to Internet thinkers who immediately got involved in an active dispute and were traditionally divided into skeptics and their opponents.

According to the domestic information portal Tvzvezda, citing a foreign source The Daily Star, a team of American scientific luminaries from the Star Academy, once the secret service, recently said that she had seven pieces of foreign-made vessel in her hands. In addition, each of these fragments helped the researchers to understand, whereby the alien spacecraft fly so fast and are capable of striking their incredible maneuverability.

“We did a good job in this direction, and we were honored. Now we have several versions about how these humanoid creations fly, what mechanism they have. Before, we didn’t come across anything like that,” one member of the research team said.

A number of works related to the study of the found details showed that people do not create anything of the kind, from which it is easy to conclude that all this was done on some other planet. What is interesting, to explore the items found alternative scientists intend to continue.

Experts in the field of the unknown also noted that the mysterious find, which included magnesium, bismuth and zinc, should be checked several times. Moreover, the researchers stressed that it is impossible to find out the exact purpose of the alleged piece of an alien aircraft, and therefore a few days of work will not be enough to get to the bottom of the truth. As the journalists who communicated with experts on mysterious events wrote, the side of one of the details seems to be processed, therefore there is an opinion according to which the scientists found can be a wave guide for frequencies of electromagnetic forces.

Among other things, it became clear to the staff of the "Star Academy" that the spacecraft, pieces of which were found by them, had lain on our planet for a long time, but was well preserved. The question of how the "flying saucer" got into this situation, of course, interests all users of the World Wide Web who have read the relevant news, but it is simply impossible to answer it. Representatives of ufological companies make only assumptions on this matter, one of which states that the saucer-shaped vessel was wrecked due to a failure in the system. The hypothesis associated with the actions of the terrestrial military is also not excluded, given the fact that recently air forces have increasingly begun to incite unidentified flying objects, which could also be alien inventions.

However, adherents of the classic mindset are in no hurry to believe that the researchers actually found parts of the spacecraft. And even in their case, arguing with specialists is far from the best occupation, so skeptics have many arguments to think about. According to them, the ufologists, who themselves noted that the find should not necessarily be related to the "flying saucer", could also be completely mistaken that earthlings are not capable of creating such.

In addition, a variety of secret development, especially actively circulating in the United States of America, where fragments of UFOs were found, in our time too often surprise the public. Therefore, supporters of skepticism have a claim that objects maneuvering in the sky in an amazing way are military aircraft of a new generation, the existence of which is known only to the White House and to those who created them. By the way, not so long ago, US President Donald Trump said that he did not intend to hide anything from the American people and very soon would make the chief experts on "flying saucers" publish all the data obtained while working in their field over the past few years. As is known, the head of the Pentagon personally sponsors organizations whose employees are looking for newcomers.

Amazing discoveries related to the existence of foreign life in our time really amaze the imagination, and if recently the world was stunned by pieces of an aircraft of humanoids, then at the end of May of this year in the media there was news about the whole spacecraft of an extraterrestrial assembly. As the press reported then, a huge disc-shaped object was discovered in the Grand Canyon, located in Colorado, Arizona. That case rightfully began to be called one of the most incredible in the past few years and literally led into a stupor even the most experienced scientists with unconventional views on such things.

According to ufologists, in the legendary gorge of a giant alien vessel was after the crash. Experts also found that the aliens on the ship did not die after the fall, and even lived for some time in the gorge, as evidenced by strange rock paintings, which were also noticed by members of a scientific expedition. On the walls of the Grand Canyon, scientists saw incomprehensible drawings and silhouettes, very similar to traditional humanoids with large eyes and thin limbs. And what is most surprising, according to experts, this UFO is more than four thousand years old.