In the US, the girl faced a shocking alien creature, accidentally shot it on camera and showed a photo on the web

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In the US, the girl faced a shocking alien creature, accidentally shot it on camera and showed a photo on the web

The appearance of so-called humanoids on our planet has become so numerous that researchers of paranormal phenomena simply do not have time to deal with them, and another such incident recently occurred in the United States of America when a girl tried to check the performance of her camera, after which one of the pictures appeared is a strange creature resembling a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization. The author of the photos also saw the stranger with her own eyes next to her.

This story really excited the public, because the alleged "green men" are not very often so close to the camera. At the moment, an incredible situation is being discussed by Internet thinkers who are always ready to talk about such incidents. As for researchers working with similar cases, they have not yet received any definite statements, except for various assumptions regarding the nature of the strange guest’s origin and the authenticity of the content.

According to preliminary data from ufologists, amazing material is not a fake. So what is it really? Maybe someone from another planet really came to the girl to come to us in order to get better acquainted with earth life, as it often happens in our time? Ufologists are going to answer this question later.

In the US, the girl faced a shocking alien creature, accidentally shot it on camera and showed a photo on the web "typeof =" foaf: Image

In exactly what place in North America an incredible incident occurred, nothing is said about this in the media. But there is an assumption that this happened in the state, which is distinguished by a rather warm climate, because the photos clearly show the sand and trees that come under the scorching sun. In strange pictures you can see a terrible creature resembling a giant grasshopper, standing not far from the girl and looking directly into the camera.

The witness of an unprecedented location of affairs was so frightened that she closed at home for a while to wait for her young man, who very soon came to her. She told the guy about the strange case, after which she added that she would like to check with him the place where the strange animal seemed.

The girl's gentleman was not against it, so they soon went there, but they did not find any signs there at all. Then the couple wanted to start their own investigation, in which they asked researchers who were familiar with similar situations to take part, and those, of course, answered their lover in return. At the moment, the American and her friend are going to dot the i in this question, since nothing like this has happened to them before.

According to professors in the relevant field, there are no creatures similar to what was shot the day before, on our planet. At the same time, alternative scientists do not exclude that the photographs could have turned out to be a real alien. It is not entirely clear why the stranger looked so strange. However, one suggestion about this is that ufologists have. Experts told about a certain insectoid, which, according to legends, periodically arrives on Earth with certain goals.

Who is an insectoid and when was it last seen in our world?

Insectoids, which are also called arachnids, are creatures from other planets, if you believe those who are studying questions in this area. Outwardly, they look like giant insects, have wings and many limbs. Many representatives of this kind of alien live hives. Among people, as a rule, insectoids do not appear very often. By the way, in recent times, it seems, these wanderers love to be on Earth.

The last incident associated with a similar humanoid occurred in mid-September 2018. A witness to the incident told this on Reddit, where this style of story is discussed. The girl said that once she could not sleep, because she was tormented by small health problems, and the cat, who constantly tossed and turned, added discomfort. It was at this moment that a strange creature appeared, which later was called an insectoid by experts.

In the US, the girl faced a shocking alien creature, accidentally shot it on camera and showed a photo on the web "typeof =" foaf: Image

According to the girl living in the United States, an uninvited “guest” not only appeared next to her, but jumped on her chest, and then began to look into the eyes of the hostess of the house. She also thought that he had hypnotized her, because for some time she could not even lift a finger, but then she withdrew. By the way, the American was able to oklematsya only when an alien large insect left the room. In addition, an eyewitness added that an incomprehensible entity, freeing the room from its presence, simply passed through the wall.

Other meetings of people with aliens who were able to capture on video recently

Nowadays, in the state of California, USA, forests are burning very strongly, and recently during one of such unpleasant situations an unidentified flying object was noticed in the sky, which reminded the audience a saucer-like flying ship created by representatives of an alien civilization. Many ufologists at that moment were once again convinced that the newcomers may be involved in the burning of California vegetation. The mysterious case came to the camera during the reportage, when correspondents were preparing material relating to the above-mentioned incident.

An even more striking incident, which also occurred in the United States, was captured by an American living in the state of New York on his mobile device. An eyewitness accidentally filmed a moment, which could also prove the existence of the inhabitants of another galaxy.

In the US, the girl faced a shocking alien creature, accidentally shot it on camera and showed a photo on the web "typeof =" foaf: Image

The young man showed the public footage, where you can clearly see how a UFO appears near a thunderstorm. Non-traditional scientific luminaries, in turn, suggested that the newcomers thus once again decided to “refuel” their spacecraft with a heavenly charge. The video with a remarkable moment lasts only 12 seconds, but it is quite popular on the Internet.

But the most incredible video was made by a resident of North Carolina the other day. She fixed a strange creature, like a giant humanoid, right outside her house. According to the girl, during the month, something strange was happening near her dwelling, in particular, incomprehensible sounds were published. At some point, the owner of the house decided to deal with this situation and went outside with a flashlight and a mobile device, taking everything in its path. It was then that the American and captured two-meter alien. Interestingly, some lovers of all kinds of mysteries called a creature that fit into the frame, a cryptic. As is known from legends, an animal of enormous size originated on Earth.