Incident with a huge UFO in France hit the witnesses

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Incident with a huge UFO in France hit the witnesses

Unidentified flying objects, as we know, are not frequent in the airspace of France, but a few days ago it was there that they noticed something huge and truly frightening that Internet users are already intensely discussing, who have already made several assumptions about this, one of which says that a spaceship assembled by representatives of an alien civilization showed itself in the sky.

As eyewitnesses told the mysterious incident, an incomprehensible body arose in the sky, quite unexpectedly, as, however, disappeared. Especially the witnesses of the incident remembered the incredible speed of the object, which was distinguished by its enormous size. In this case, no evidence that the mysterious incident is not fiction, in the hands of no one. According to people who saw everything with their own eyes, the amazing formation in the shape of a ball flew too fast and there was very little time left in the sky, and therefore it was not possible to capture anything on the camera.

The man, who is one of those who noticed an impressive UFO, talked to representatives of the ufological company and noted that a possible newcomers aircraft was moving along a French track of international appearance. While driving through a tunnel, a local resident saw a glowing ball, which began to approach him. It soon became clear that he had been seen by many other people. The driver of the car tried to capture the phenomenon on the camera, but the picture was of poor quality.

A remarkable event seemed to researchers keen on such matters, very strange. As ufologists explained their reaction, alien flying ships descend so low extremely rarely when they are on our planet. Among experts in such incidents, there is even the opinion that the so-called “flying saucer” simply suffered a disaster, but at the last moment the pilot was able to cope with the control. Some alternative scientists only questioned the veracity of the words of the witnesses. The authorities, in turn, refrain from commenting on the incident.