Incredible beach anomaly hit the video and put into a stupor all researchers

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Incredible beach anomaly hit the video and put into a stupor all researchers

Many people do not believe in paranormal phenomena and representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, trying to explain everything even the most unbelievable by a rational method, however, such events periodically occur, which even the most dashing experts in exposing a variety of incidents that seem mystical cannot argue. One of these incredible incidents, not amenable to any of the explanations of traditional scientific luminaries, made itself felt on the beach.

According to the domestic press, citing foreign sources, at some point people witnessed a shocking glow of enormous size. It appeared in the sky and could not be the sun, since the main star of our system at that moment was nearby.

In exactly which city this happened is a mystery, and even the country is still being discovered by Internet thinkers. The corresponding video, made by one of the people who rested on the sand that day, is gaining popularity on the World Wide Web at an incredible speed.

So what was it? The answer to the question that has excited many people who have become familiar with the shocking video is now trying to find researchers who have been working with such riddles for more than one year, and followers, in turn, try to figure out what happened in a virtual verbal exchange.

According to independent researchers, this story happened quite recently in one of the parts of the southern hemisphere, where the summer season is now in full swing. As you can see in the video, a group of vacationers faces together watching the sunset, but soon unexpectedly notices a surprisingly bright radiance above the horizon in the left side of the sun, whose dimensions are several times larger than the size of a giant star.

Witnesses of a truly spectacular spectacle cannot even imagine how this could have happened, but Internet users already have several assumptions about this. Not all points of view of ordinary commentators, of course, can be considered seriously, but some of them could still give some interesting hypotheses, which turned out to be attractive even for researchers with great experience.

Some regulars of the virtual world considered that a legendary planet, known to all as Nibiru and flying, according to some alternative scientists, to the Earth at great speed, got into the frame. According to others, the blame for everything was the activity of aliens who have long wanted to come into contact with earthlings. Still others say that an extremely rare phenomenon of atmospheric orientation, poorly studied by science, appeared before people.

Someone considered that the effect of using climate weapons, which is the cause of many natural incidents in our time, was recorded on the camera. There were those who thought that all people live in an imaginary world, shown in the famous Hollywood film with Keanu Reeves, The Matrix, where sometimes failures occur, which was captured on a smartphone.