Incredible, but caught on the video picture: In the US, a giant UFO hovered right above the lake and stunned the Internet

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Incredible, but caught on the video picture: In the US, a giant UFO hovered right above the lake and stunned the Internet

A few days ago, a remarkable video made in the United States of America appeared on the Internet, in which a strange unidentified object appeared, hovering above the lake and called by some alternative researchers a spaceship of alien production.

The incredible arrangement of things is currently actively discussed by the World Wide Web frequentrs, divided into supporters of the traditional mentality and fans of conspiracy, believing in the existence of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization.

A video uploaded to YouTube and rapidly gaining popularity is shown by a lake called Erie, stretching across the Canadian province of Ontario, as well as the US states of Ohio, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania.

As seen in the video, a giant saucer-shaped object hovers right above the water horizon. At the same time under the mysterious UFO, you can even see its reflection. More than fifty thousand views and about two hundred comments collected curious material.

Some followers believe that it was just an alien aircraft that decided to study the waters of the Earth. According to others, a bizarre lenticular accumulation of atmospheric steam was filmed. Still others talked about the emergence of a mystical or religious nature.

As for the fourth, they believe that the submarine that surfaced was actually captured. There were also those who believe that the operator caught the form of a mirage, called the veil-morgana.

Helicopter colliding with a flying saucer

Earlier, an equally interesting incident occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada, where a helicopter helicopter pilot observed a strange object in the airspace. This incident, which occurred on March 16, was a real shock for an experienced aviator who had never seen anything like it before.

According to an eyewitness, at the time of the collision with a UFO, he was wearing night-vision goggles, due to which he could see it in detail. By the way, it still did not help the pilot to understand what kind of aircraft he was faced with.

Several helicopters and UFOs

A similar incident happened a little later, but in Los Angeles, California. On March 27, several military helicopters at once became interested in a strange unidentified object that seemed to originate from nowhere. The pilots looked at the UFO until it evaporated into the clouds.