Incredible, but true: The real alien was filmed in the Mexican desert

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Incredible, but true: The real alien was filmed in the Mexican desert

An amazing video appeared on the Internet this month, becoming in the eyes of ufologists irrefutable proof of the presence of humanoids on our planet. We are talking about a video clip in which the alleged alien is clearly visible, being in the middle of the Mexican desert.

Truly incredible material has become a real sensation in the media, and users of the World Wide Web have already revised it to holes. An unforeseen turn of events was the cause of intense disputes, which is not surprising, because before this, the regulars of the virtual space had never seen anything like this before.

A strange situation has arisen in the Chihuahua desert, located in the area of ​​the US-Mexico border in the US states of New Mexico, Texas and Arizona, as well as the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Zacatecas and Nuevo Leon. The video was filmed on April 8, however, for the first time, they were only able to see it on the Internet the other day.

It is worth noting that not quite an ordinary humanoid got into the frame, but a snake-like creature with a human head. However, conspiracologists who are well acquainted with the relevant content, have no doubt that such organisms on Earth could not have originated.

According to the author of the shocking creation, in the daytime he simply filmed the beauty of the local sands and did not even think about stumbling upon that. Seeing something really frightening, the young man first went into a stupor, having managed to capture a strange "guest", and then rushed to run. The operator could not find any explanation for this phenomenon and decided that he could harm him if he noticed him, so he did not begin to consider the mysterious creature for a long time.

Soon, the local rescuer hurried to send a video with a possible stranger to the specialists, who immediately checked the novelty for authenticity without noticing any echoes of fake. But if this is not a fake, then who actually appears in the video? This alternative researchers still have to figure it out.

The video posted on the ufological YouTube channel, which has already gained more than forty thousand views, as well as a bunch of comments, lasts only a few seconds, but this is enough to shock any user of the service. In it you can see how the operator first removes the sand, and then accidentally stumbles upon an incomprehensible creature, which, as it may seem, tilts his head down. At the same time, the man removes the lens from that place and turns off the camera, which means that then he was really not scared.

Followers who commented on a curious arrangement of things were divided into two camps, the first of which accommodated those who believe in aliens, and the second was filled with skeptics. As for supporters of an unconventional view of the world, their opinion on this matter is related to the crash of an alien spacecraft that occurred recently in the Mexican desert. They believe that one of the pilots of the vessel survived and now does not feel well in a foreign land, and therefore he needs help.

Some also suggested that an earthly creature, which was poorly studied by experts, could get into the frame. Not without fiction lovers who saw in the video of the main negative character from the movie "Slendermen".

Skeptics do not doubt that the material was fabricated, and ufologists, as always, deliberately deceived everyone, saying that it was the original.

Earlier in Illinois, an incomprehensible creature that reminded viewers of the legendary Moth Man got on a video surveillance camera.