Incredible celestial object caught on video shook Chile and became a hot topic on the Web.

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Incredible celestial object caught on video shook Chile and became a hot topic on the Web.

Recently, Chile began to consider almost the birthplace of unidentified flying objects. Over the past six months, so many anomalous celestial formations were recorded in this country that the staff of the ufological organizations rushed there in an endless stream, suggesting that it would be worth it to study the issue of alien civilization. And such a point of view really has a right to exist, especially since a few days ago another incident of a similar direction was registered above the top of the famous hill called El Vigi.

At the moment, UFO experts and ordinary Internet thinkers are trying to understand how a glowing ball of impressive dimensions appeared in the sky, which twice hit the cell of a mobile device and frightened the locals. Incredible material was made public on the Web by a traveler who, during his travels, managed to see a lot of interesting things, but he had never seen such phenomena before.

As the tourist said, he was able to capture the luminous formation when he visited the 83-meter-high Cross of Cruz del Tercer Milleni, which is considered the highest monument in Latin America and built in 2001. The young man filmed the beauties surrounding him and at some point turned the camera to the viewing window, noticing some strange movement in the airspace.

The witness quickly realized that an unidentified object must be fixed, since the opportunity to meet such a thing does not appear every day. A bright oval "guest" flew over the city and periodically hung in the air. It seemed that the UFO was looking at people, trying to get to know them as best as possible in his position.

Internet users after the appearance of the mysterious video were quick to share their hypotheses on this matter. However, many felt that the material is a normal fake. Soon the second video appeared on YouTube, made by another person almost at the same time as the first one. It also features a large glowing ball, flying and hovering above the Chilean settlement.

The second traveler captured an amazing moment two minutes after the first. Among other things, the mysterious object was seen by other people, although they could not photograph it on camera. Numerous witnesses made themselves felt, commenting on unprecedented content on the World Wide Web. According to these people, an incomprehensible occurrence was the cause of anxiety, because it seemed that the object could harm someone.

Unconventional scientists, headlong into the subject of an extraterrestrial civilization, associated the incident at the Chilean monument with the so-called humanoids. Ufologists have repeatedly said that aliens who invent a wide variety of space ships most often use luminous balls. In other words, experts in celestial mysteries, saw the "flying saucer" in the video.

And despite the fact that the United States of America has always taken the first place in the list of the countries most visited by aliens, many conspiracy theorists say that Chile is quite capable of taking the highest position from them if the inhabitants of other planets continue to be so keenly interested in this state. In addition, non-standard scientific luminaries noticed that representatives of alien life began to appear frequently in other countries of South America.

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Adherents of the traditional mindset, in turn, did not believe in the existence of aliens at all and after this video, and also tried to explain what tourists in Chile actually captured this time.

“Ha ha ha. I find it hard to understand how to treat such things seriously. There are too many fake content on the Internet. As for this video, I can safely call it an ordinary flash in the glass. Please do not disgrace ufology with your fake novelties. Believe me, I saw a lot of things truly amazing in my life, and even real spacecraft of extraterrestrial production, but now I see absolutely nothing interesting, because this is just a flash of a mobile Adios lml mobile device, ”I tried to dot the i commentator. by the name of Aaron.

By the way, there were those who did not want to agree with this conclusion. Another subscriber even added that once near the place where they noticed a bright ball, they had already seen something similar. As the follower told, a similar phenomenon hung over the beach, and all the rest saw an anomaly. The heavenly formation at the highest monument was also seen by many without mobile phones, so the opinion regarding the mobile outbreak seems not very remarkable. Some viewers suggested that ball lightning hit the shot.

In May of this year, Chileans were excited by a whole galaxy of unidentified flying objects. The local people of Las Cabras noticed how many bright dotted lines are falling from the sky. All this was also filmed on camera. After examining the material, the researchers concluded that the aliens landed for a specific purpose, and the famous ufologist Scott Waring then called Chile a "hot spot" of humanoids.

As for the glowing balls, which are supposed classic alien ships, they are periodically used by aliens for destruction. Proof of this were the events of 1998 in Japan, the details of which were recently revealed and published. As is known, three Mitsubishi F-1 bomber were destroyed by a UFO, and the pilots have not yet been found.

At the beginning of October of this year, the news appeared in the media, according to which the recording of the conversation of a pilot who was in one of the destroyed military aircraft was studied. As it is now known, seconds before his death, the Japanese managed to inform the dispatcher that an incomprehensible glowing ball was flying toward him at great speed.