Incredible photos of a UFO near a nuclear power plant in Slovakia have stunned the public

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Incredible photos of a UFO near a nuclear power plant in Slovakia have stunned the public

For any of those who believe in the existence of representatives of an alien civilization, it has long been a secret that their aircraft began to be seen so often that it is foolish not to talk about the heightened interest of these creatures towards earthlings. At the same time, such intrusiveness on the part of interstellar inhabitants often hinders people in some particularly important matters, which happened a few days ago once again. We are talking about a strange unidentified white object that constantly appears over European cities, and now because of it even had to cancel the launch of a nuclear power plant in Slovakia.

Of course, it’s not so easy to understand the true nature of the appearance of a mysterious UFO, but ufologists have no doubt that the real spacecraft created by so-called humanoids periodically makes itself known. The corresponding photos are already gaining popularity in the vastness of the virtual space, and its users are divided into skeptics and conspiracy therapists, to again actively argue with each other.

However, the news that Slovakia decided to delay the launch of the nuclear power plant was associated with annoying newcomers only by alternative thinkers. If you believe the official version, insisted on that Austria, located next door.

As is known, the Slovak nuclear power plant is located just 160 km from Vienna, and the Austrian Chancellor proposed to abandon atomic energy at all. As a result, the state decided to cancel the launch before November of this year. It is also possible that in the future it will be moved until March next year.

Initially, the date of launch of the power plant was appointed on June 3. Not a single word about unidentified objects, nor about the fact that they interfere with the conduct of such cases, not one of these two countries said.

Incredible photos of a UFO near a nuclear power plant in Slovakia have stumped the public "typeof =" foaf: Image

As for the researchers, who have long been engaged in such anomalies and who do not doubt that the authorities would never tell the public about the real disposition of things, if it is somehow connected with aliens, they have their own point of view regarding the cancellation of the launch of the Slovak nuclear power plant.

According to ufologists, the mysterious celestial "guest", similar to the traditional saucer-shaped craft of an alien assembly, was not shattered not only in the airspace of Slovakia, where it was seen most often, but also over the cities of other European states. Locals even photographed a mysterious UFO, after which they sent the work of their specialists to try to explain such a strange turn of events.

Experts on these types of situations in one voice said that we are dealing with a "flying saucer", so often flashed in Slovakia, because the newcomers are very interested in certain things happening there today.

Ufologists also noted that the mysterious object, now and then flying near the station being prepared for launch in Slovakia, amazes with incredible speed.

Incredible photos of a UFO near a nuclear power plant in Slovakia have stumped the public "typeof =" foaf: Image

Among other things, the UFO maneuvers so that it is almost impossible to see. Conspiracy therapists believe that people could not create such an agile apparatus.

“We are talking about a white ball, which appears in the area of ​​nuclear power plants in recent weeks. This object moves with phenomenal speed and does not allow one to study oneself in detail. By the way, and so it is clear that such technologies can belong only to truly technologically advanced beings, in particular, aliens. We are trying by hook or by crook to understand why the newcomers were so interested in the Slovak station, ”said one of the researchers who did not want to have anything in common with traditional thinking.

Skeptics, in turn, were not very surprised by the mysterious events near the station, suggesting that the sensational history is more like ordinary mystification than proof that we are not alone in the Universe.

Internet users, familiar with the relevant photos and believing only what classical science has proven, did not forget to talk about the good old photoshop. In this case, the latter point of view does not look very plausible, since experts have already checked the content and called it authentic.

Some supporters of purely rational thinking added that, quite possibly, some natural phenomena had fallen into the lens, which are still simply poorly understood by scientific luminaries.

Other recent UFO cases

A few days ago, an unidentified flying object appeared over the Imperial Palace in Japan and was photographed by some eyewitnesses. As said ufologists, the next arrival of curious aliens is due to the fact that the new ruler Naruhito ascended to the throne.

Earlier in the Philippine news showed no less remarkable shots, in particular, video, where a UFO appears on the background of the solar disk and releases a smaller object from itself. A striking incident occurred in Mexico.

Prior to this, a strange arrangement of affairs was recorded on camera in New Zealand, where an unusual UFO in the shape of an open cylinder made itself known. The researchers then concluded that with the help of such aircraft aliens kidnap people.