Incredible video of an unusual UFO: Prospective aliens made themselves felt in Ohio and hit the locals

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Incredible video of an unusual UFO: Prospective aliens made themselves felt in Ohio and hit the locals

Not so long ago, UFO researchers said that newcomers had a new spacecraft of cubic shape, and several times saw it near the Sun. Now, say conspiracy theorists, people managed to see the same object with the naked eye. An incredible event happened a few days ago in the United States of America, where such anomalies, as is known, make themselves known most often.

This incident hit the video, so now it can be found on YouTube. Some users of the service have already suggested that the mysterious invention of humanoids is getting closer to our planet.

Curious content was created by a resident of Ohio at the moment when he was driving his car for business. At night, a young man unexpectedly discovered something incomprehensible in a pink sky: a strange dark object of gigantic size appeared in the form of a square in the clouds.

The Sky Cube, as the author of the video called it, reminded him of a scene from a fantastic tape filmed in Hollywood. Earlier, a witness of a night-time incident did not see anything like this, so he could not share his creation with Internet users.

According to the driver, seeing an abnormal formation, he took a smartphone out of his pocket and took it through the windshield of the car. After returning home, a local resident hurried to tell his relatives about the strange situation, showing, of course, what he was able to record on camera.

The American surprised the family with unprecedented shots, and then uploaded the content to the World Wide Web, hoping that not only ordinary followers would notice it, but also researchers who have extensive experience in such matters and are able to give at least some explanation to what happened.

Some regulars of the virtual space, familiar with the incredible material, immediately came to the conclusion that an aircraft of humanoids appeared over Ohio. Others thought that this was a kind of portal through which one could get into a parallel dimension. Someone talked about the ordinary illusion of optical format.

Not without those who linked the mysterious incident with the coming end of the world, suggesting that a huge object may have something to do with Nibiru. It should be noted that the so-called Planet X is considered to be traditional mythical scientists, since no one has ever seen it.

However, some ufologists continue to argue that in fact this space object will cause the Apocalypse on Earth, and you cannot see it because of the special disguise that is used by aliens living on it.

Another popular version was the failure in virtual reality, in which, as some fans of science fiction films believe, we all live. That is, in fact, our world is arranged exactly the same as shown in the film “The Matrix” with Keanu Reeves in the title role.

A similar phenomenon in the US, caught on video

It is impossible to ignore the fact that just over a year ago, the celestial dark square also caught the eye of the Americans. It happened in the state of New Jersey. One of the eyewitnesses even filmed the incident on a video that produced a big commotion among paranormal specialists.

The famous ufologist from Taiwan, Scott Waring, then noted that such anomalies have appeared more than once in different countries before. At the same time, the researcher assures that the National Space Agency (NASA) also does not doubt the man-made origin of the cubic object, but will never speak to the public about this.

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