Incredible video with a glowing UFO in Arizona hit the net

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Incredible video with a glowing UFO in Arizona hit the net

It is not a secret for anyone that the United States of America is an absentee homeland of unidentified flying objects, in particular, they make themselves known in their airspace more often than over the cities of any other country. The proof of such a conclusion is the corresponding statistics with the list of the places most visited by the “flying saucers”, and it is reinforced by the United States, another event that happened there two weeks ago. According to the media, we are talking about a strange celestial anomaly, caught in the camera lens. An attractive video can now be found on YouTube, where followers not only discuss it, but also share their opinions on this matter.

Despite the fact that the video was shot on April 30, it landed in virtual space a few days ago. However, the late hit on the public’s eyes did not affect the popularity of the content. At the moment, the mysterious turn of events involved researchers who have some experience in working with such phenomena. According to them, the aircraft of "green men" could get into the frame. At the same time to study the material in detail for specialists in UFOs only coming, but for now they have only speculations about this.

Incredible video with luminous UFO in Arizona hit the web "typeof =" foaf: Image

This story took place in Bullhead City, which is located on the Colorado River in Mojave County, Arizona. It is worth noting that, probably, no one would have known about her, it would not have been the cameras attached to the house of one of the local families. It was they who, at night, spotted something strange — an oval formation in the sky.

A mysterious luminous object appeared not far from the dwelling, from which angle the survey was taken. As the owners of the cameras told, it never occurred to them that some day they would have such a video in their hands, because usually people take off devices, cars, airplanes and everything else that everyone sees every day.

“It’s hard to say what the nature of a curious UFO really is. One can only assume that it was not an apparatus of earthly production. This is definitely not a plane, as the nearest airport is on the opposite side, and not so close to our home. In addition, airliners do not shine like that when landing, ”said one of the family members who own the surveillance cameras.

Without realizing what was actually captured, the owners of the entertaining material turned to the experts. They also published it in a network.

Now a striking video that has already received several thousand views is on the ufo channel Disclose Screen 'The Grimreefar'. The video lasts two minutes and shows how a bright object suddenly appears at a distance of visibility and randomly moves in the sky.

It should be noted that Bullhead City, which is considered to be ufologists by one of the American "Klondike" for UFO fans. According to local residents, as well as visitors, in the evening over this city incomprehensible objects remind of themselves quite often. Those who saw them with their own eyes say that the formations in the form of clots of energy are more like ghosts than aircraft.

Skeptics, as always, remained adamant, saying that a UFO in Arizona hardly has anything to do with aliens. More likely, they say, the story is frightening the legendary Aurora project. As you know, the US military, according to rumors, has a reconnaissance aircraft, characterized by a triangular shape and ability to incredible maneuvers. By the way, not all the network's regulars agreed with this conclusion, finding that the mysterious object looks more like a cloud.