Irrefutable evidence that the aliens were in the subway of New York shocked the public

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Irrefutable evidence that the aliens were in the subway of New York shocked the public

A few days ago, American researchers looking for evidence of alien life came across something truly incredible. As the foreign press reports, right in the subway, experts on such matters found particles belonging to a substance that could not have originated on our planet. The strange discovery was a complete surprise for both alternative scientists and all other people.

According to experts, in the metro system in New York, more than fifteen thousand of the most diverse forms of human DNA were found, including pets and even animals that are on the list of endangered. However, professors of the University of California have not yet been able to decipher one of the forms of DNA found. As Jonathan Eisen, who is a biologist at the science center, said, there is simply no animal on Earth with such a code found in the subway.

Eisen had never come across such things before, so he is going to carefully study particles of unknown origin with his colleagues, and then publish the relevant results.

Conspiracy theorists, in their turn, immediately began to talk about the fact that the DNA found in the metro belongs to the representatives of the alien civilization, who had long been living among earthlings. Non-traditional scientific luminaries do not doubt that the "green men" are incredibly smart, and therefore are able to live among people and ride with them in the subway.

As for skeptics, their opinion is very different from what the workers of ufological companies used to believe. As it seems to adherents of a rational scenario, the particles that were found in the subway do not have to belong to the aliens, since many species of animals on Earth are simply not open. And such a hypothesis really has the right to exist, which is not denied by researchers inclined to the version related to humanoids.

Recently, news about being close to people by aliens in the media is becoming more and more. Not so long ago, researchers even stated that aliens built entire cities on Earth. According to some reports, these creatures live under the oceans and floes. And if earlier it was almost impossible to believe, now there is so much evidence, albeit indirect, that it is worthwhile to take such things at least seriously. Moreover, there are enough videos with strange flying objects leaving the waters, and this is enough for someone to believe that we are not alone on this planet.

In addition, not so long ago, a press appeared in the press, where a saucer-shaped vessel clearly visible, flying out of an oval structure, which, according to ufologists, is a base of aliens. This picture was captured in Antarctica. Interestingly, in our time, this continent is considered almost the most visited place by aliens. However, many ufologists are even afraid to conduct expeditions to find out which buildings and UFOs can be found there.