It became known why aliens fly to nuclear power plants

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It became known why aliens fly to nuclear power plants

Witnesses of mysterious events, as well as admirers of conspiracy points of view, began to say that “flying saucers”, which are supposed alien spacecraft, often fly up to nuclear power plants. Formerly, it was not entirely clear why the so-called “green men” do this. According to the researchers, representatives of the alien civilization have always shown interest in the nuclear energy of earthlings, wanting to borrow it. Among other things, spacecraft humanoids are constantly seen around nuclear laboratories and mines, into which periodically uranium ore is poured.

According to experts involved in such matters, humanoid aircraft are often fueled by radiation from earth stations. Earlier in the media, there was news that according to the debut test of a nuclear bomb created by the US military, the celestial wanderers were also not once seen near the laboratory, near which an incredibly dangerous bomb was being made. According to UFO experts, the earth energy of the atomic species in general has always interested the newcomers, which is why they so often hang over the relevant centers.

Ufologists managed to find out that the points where uranium ore is mined, as well as nuclear power plants, are very interesting for aliens. Experienced specialists in similar issues and admirers of unconventional hypotheses have almost no doubt that the inhabitants of other planets are very keen on nuclear power plants and quarries with uranium, because similar resources in the places where they live are over. Caught in a difficult situation, the aliens are exploring the Blue Planet to see if you can find a valuable resource on it. Other scientific luminaries of an unconventional mindset suggest that unidentified flying objects simply refuel from the above-mentioned earth places. According to some reports, alien spacecraft are working on the atomic component.

Our background of radiation orientation in general is liked by representatives of foreign life, who, according to one of the ufological theories, are in all places of outer space. According to experts, "green men" are in the eternal search for minerals. At the same time, such an opinion somehow does not fit in with the widespread opinion among non-traditional scientists, according to which, for the first time, an earthling and an alien came across more than ten thousand years ago.

There is also an opinion among ufologists that the aliens were in contact with the Sumerians purposefully in order to impart to them very valuable knowledge. In addition, according to one of the hypotheses, they also met with the ancient Egyptians. According to the researchers, the pyramids are in fact not only the tombs of high-ranking officials, but also special bases designed specifically for spacecraft. Among other things, a certain cohort of experts believes that the pharaohs can be called descendants of aliens.

In addition to all these hypotheses, added ufologists, they have in the asset a lot of very different opinions about how aliens first began to contact with people. Interestingly, all these theories are markedly contradictory. That is why adherents of skepticism do not even think to take any side in this discussion. Moreover, skeptics simply have no doubt that humanoids do not exist, and all the stories about them are specially invented by someone.