Japanese astronomers say that they will destroy life on Earth

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Japanese astronomers say that they will destroy life on Earth

Japanese experts conducted a number of scientific studies, with the help of which they managed to find out how humanity will die on Earth. According to them, there will be no expected epic destruction, colorfully shown in beautiful Hollywood movies. Everything will happen very quietly and calmly, and mortal danger will come from the depths of space.

In the list of the most serious threats to humanity, the leading place is occupied by large asteroids that can collide with our planet. The issue of global warming is also being discussed, which is why there is a risk of a global flood. But Japanese scientists said that the main danger is hidden in a completely different way: a molecular cloud was discovered through which the solar system will pass in the future. This event will lead to the complete destruction of people on Earth.

Asian experts believe that the "end of the world" on our planet will not be accompanied by some terrible phenomena in the form of eruptions of hundreds of volcanoes around the world, the monstrous power of earthquakes and destructive tsunamis, giant asteroids and comets falling from the sky. This process will nevertheless take on a calm, passive form.

It is also noted that millions of years ago, this still poorly studied cloud once “stayed” on the territory of the solar system. This is what led to the extinction of the dinosaurs, although the "working" version is the fall of a huge asteroid.