Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maedzawa can fly to the moon with his girlfriend

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Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maedzawa can fly to the moon with his girlfriend

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maedzawa, who is the first in history to go to the moon as a tourist, spoke to reporters in his native Tokyo. During the conversation, he said that his beloved could also fly with him, but for this to happen, certain conditions must be met.

"At the moment, only I are officially confirmed candidacy, but my girlfriend knows, of course, about the upcoming flight, and she is extremely interested in it. She told me that she also wanted to fly. However, this project is extremely complicated and serious. Each of the passengers will be busy with a certain mission. This is not just a trip where you can have a good time. Therefore, she must first find some business, and if all the other participants accept her, then she will get a seat on board, "said Yusaku.

The girl of 42-year-old entrepreneur from the Land of the Rising Sun is a 26-year-old beauty, famous actress, singer and model Ayame Goriki. Yes, Maezawa is known not only for fabulous finances and love of art, but he also had the reputation of being a big fan of female beauty: there were quite a few girls in his arms, but the relationship never lasted more than two years. This means that Goriki has not so many chances to go into space, because the flight is scheduled for 2023.

The project in question is created by the American company SpaceX, and its head is the famous inventor Ilon Mask. The Big Falcon Rocket transport system, through which people will be delivered to the moon, will be, as engineers promise, the most powerful and innovative in history. Five billion dollars – a preliminary amount that will go to create. By the way, Maezawa himself made a certain deposit, but its size is not specified.