Japanese rocket exploded during launch

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Japanese rocket exploded during launch

During the Saturday launch of a Japanese-made rocket, an accident occurred – the aircraft exploded right during the launch. This incident happened in the north of the Land of the Rising Sun.

MOMO-2, created by Interstellar Technologies, was activated in the city of Taiki, located on the Hokkaido archipelago. Initially, it was believed that the rocket would rise up to one hundred meters above the ground, but soon some technical problems made itself known.

Already there is already a video on the Internet with the accident that happened, where you can see how the rocket rises a couple of meters, but then falls and explodes. No one was hurt during a dangerous incident. According to preliminary data from technicians, the breakdown of the key engine was the cause of the unexpected alignment.

Representatives of the company that assembled the rocket apologized for the incident, promising to study the problem and improve the safety of the device. By the way, in the middle of last year they already had to take responsibility for such a case.

The Takahiro Inagawa project opened in 2005. Its dominant idea is the assembly of a small and cheap rocket for sending connected satellites into outer space.