Luminous UFO in Wisconsin scared ufologists

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Luminous UFO in Wisconsin scared ufologists

Ufologists from the USA were able to capture a strange luminous object on the camera. In their opinion, it was precisely a spaceship of aliens.

In the night sky, a UFO looks like a very bright point that makes slow movements. This incident took place in a small town in Wisconsin.

Specialists in the field of ufology note that UFOs are quite frequent visitors in these parts. A version has appeared: mysterious phenomena in the sky are not connected with the activities of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations – it is all about the secret experiments of the American military.

“We can’t say what the true nature of this phenomenon is, but, definitely, in life this UFO looked much more frightening than in the video recordings. They’re definitely aliens,” eyewitnesses say emotionally.

The video was published on YouTube, collecting a lot of views. Some Internet users believe that the Chinese sky lantern fell into the frame. Ufologists parry: the lanterns change in the air a little differently, and the spacecraft presented in the video is an alien spaceship.