Mysterious heavenly noise recorded in Nevada

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Mysterious heavenly noise recorded in Nevada

Residents of the American city of Sanford, which is located in the state of Florida, have witnessed an incomprehensible and very terrible phenomenon. According to local residents, the video, which is currently rapidly gaining views on the YouTube service, confirmed that an incredibly loud celestial noise reminded me of the sound of a huge number of flying airplanes. However, there were those who compared the terrible sound with the roar of a monster from the Hollywood tape. It is worth noting that no one saw either planes or mysterious creatures in the airspace.

A video posted on the Internet by one of the witnesses of the strange incident, accumulated ten thousand views in the first day and turned out to be very popular among the regulars of the World Wide Web. Users, broken, as always, into skeptics and their opponents, began to build assumptions on this subject.

People with good imagination said that there really is some kind of monster living in Sanford that needs to be disposed of, it is not entirely clear, however, in what way. Internet thinkers of a more rational mindset, in turn, are inclined to assume that secret planes, which did not catch the eye of local residents because of their special appearance, which can be safely called invisible, are to blame. Adherents of opinions related to aliens have traditionally attributed "green men" to this story, as well as representatives of ufological organizations. There were also those who spoke of electromagnetic noise. Some even took what happened as a sign, hinting at a big change in the United States of America is not for the better. Some of the users even remembered the recent predictions of mediums, which marked the collapse of the country.

By the way, mysterious heavenly roars disturbed people before. They began to be heard a few centuries ago. Then, according to history, the first researchers appeared, who began to study such anomalies and identify the causes of such incidents. But the sources of mysterious sounds were never found by researchers. And even now, when such a thing makes itself felt much more often than centuries ago, scientists cannot understand how this happens, although they still deal with this issue.

Not so long ago, something similar alarmed residents of the US state of Ohio. As the Western press wrote, in a town called Anderson Township, people heard a strange rumble and saw strange flash in the sky. For a while, many believed that paranormal phenomena were occurring in the city, but then the version of its terrestrial origin became more popular. As it turned out, the police, who were approached by the frightened eyewitnesses of the outbreaks and explosions, said that they had not seen or heard anything. Due to this arrangement of affairs, rumors appeared that the US military was testing new weapons, and law enforcement officers were ordered not to say anything about this experiment.