Mysterious sparks appeared in the sky over Oklahoma

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Mysterious sparks appeared in the sky over Oklahoma

In the airspace of the United States of America, strange phenomena reappeared. In the sky over Oklahoma, local residents are interested in mysterious flashes that resemble fireworks with elements of a thunderstorm. All this turned out to be in the lens of the American photographer Paul Smith, who has repeatedly shot this before. The man captured a strange appearance on May 24, however, this material appeared on the Internet only the other day. According to the author of the video, he has no assumptions about the nature of bright flashes, so he would like to hear the opinions of experts on relevant issues and ordinary regulars on the World Wide Web, who are big fans of such new products.

In the video of Paul, which lasts only half a minute, you can notice how incomprehensible formations flicker in the sky blackened from night time. At the same time, a light appears at the beginning, similar to that which makes itself felt during a thunderstorm, and with it something strange and reminiscent of fireworks sparks filled with a variety of shades falls from the sky. Researchers of the mysteries of nature hastened to tackle this issue and promised that after a careful study of the mysterious material, they would be able to announce their verdict. But of course they already have a preliminary hypothesis. According to experts, we are most likely talking about electric discharges of cold plasma, which can occur both in the thermosphere and in the mesosphere of our planet.

As scientists added, similar phenomena, most often called sprites, are considered poorly understood and even, one might say, mysterious. These sparks, as a rule, cover significant spaces in the upper atmosphere, sometimes extending to space. It is also known that in recent years, residents of different countries of the world began to see lightning of this style very often, but their constant appearance still does not help researchers understand the whole nature of sprites. In addition, even the nature of ordinary lightning, as we know, is not yet fully understood. However, some researchers have no doubt that they are on the verge of great discoveries related to both the one and the other.

Ufologists, however, as well as specialists in mysterious phenomena not related to alien inhabitants, tend to think completely different from traditional scientists. The first ones are sure that it’s the “green men” who formed strange sparks in the sky for a specific purpose. Their colleagues in alternative science, in turn, see something divine in sprites. According to believing experts on paranormal phenomena, some higher beings from parallel worlds could manifest themselves in the sky.

Some skeptics who can be attributed to ordinary users of the Web, and do think that the remarkable material is fake. Although such a point of view, of course, can hardly be taken seriously against the background of what has been said by officially recognized scientists, who can easily distinguish a fake from a genuine video.