Mysterious video: A small UFO flew up close to the window of the hotel in St. Petersburg

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Mysterious video: A small UFO flew up close to the window of the hotel in St. Petersburg

It has long been clear that UFOs like to appear not only in North America, but also in the Russian Federation, and recently there have been so many of them in our country that it starts to seem like aliens are about to leave the United States and go over to us permanently. . At the same time, the so-called "flying saucers" of the Russians can no longer be surprised, in particular, because of their regular visits, to which everyone has long been accustomed. However, occasionally they make themselves known and exceptions, as happened a few days ago in St. Petersburg.

A unique new appearance of an unidentified flying body so that it flew up to the camera lens at an incredibly close distance. Mysterious video, immediately interested conspiracy, was made public on the network and achieved decent popularity.

Remarkably, it attracted material not only from ufologists, but also specialists in paranormal phenomena who saw in the mysterious location of the real ghost's affairs. The users of the virtual territory, in turn, also began to argue about the nature of the anomaly, not forgetting to divide into skeptics and mystical lovers, which has long been a traditional occupation for them.

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A strange situation occurred in the Krasnoselsky district of the northern capital on May 15, today, in the dark. No less mysterious is the fact that the oval white substance was clearly visible only through the camera.

Live author of the video could not notice him, although he tried to do it by hook or by crook. That is why some Internet thinkers have come to the conclusion that a phantom has hit the shot, or some other inhabitant of the other world. The same opinion and researchers who have devoted their lives to the study of ghosts.

It was also possible for other people to capture a small bright UFO on a mobile device. True, none of them wanted to publish their creations, and everyone saw a strange “guest” only through the camera. According to eyewitnesses, an incomprehensible object flew near the hotel called "Penguin" for an hour.

By the way, despite the apparent shock of witnesses to the incident, the followers reacted to all this rather skeptically. Most of the Internet regulars did not even begin to describe their hypotheses, but they laughed heartily at the incident, which seemed to them very funny.

The video is placed on the social network VKontakte, and it lasts only ten minutes, but this is quite enough to admire them. It features an unidentified flying object the size of a tennis ball, which constantly looms in front of the camera, striking its unthinkable maneuverability.

“Call the ghost hunters immediately. The guys will come with a vacuum cleaner and suck everything, ”said one of the local residents. “Call psychics and make foil hats,” added another St. Petersburg enthusiast.

It is difficult to say that they took a mobile phone in reality, however, it is not a secret to anyone that a similar effect with a flying white oval on video, as a rule, appears due to the dust arising from the lens. Among other things, the cause of such a situation can be a fly, or any other insect, as well as refracted light.

Ghost experts claim that nowadays such UFOs often appear on video in different countries, and they have nothing to do with dust, like insects. According to one of the versions of experts, we are talking about the otherworldly energy essence. If you believe their words, this kind of people of another world for certain reasons periodically come to us.

The previously alleged aircraft, not created on our planet, was videotaped at Elektrostal. An unprecedented event caused a great resonance in the network. Witnesses then were put into a stupor, because nothing like this had ever happened in their city. The corresponding video, which has accumulated many views on YouTube, began to study ufologists.