NASA InSight probe began drilling on Mars and encountered an unforeseen obstacle

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NASA InSight probe began drilling on Mars and encountered an unforeseen obstacle

Ufologists who sleep and see how they have in their hands are new evidence of the existence of an alien civilization, once again got this in real life. They, at least, do not doubt it. We are talking about a strange situation that happened with the probe of the National Space Agency (NASA). It is reported that InSight, which began to drill the surface of Mars, stumbled upon something very dense and could not fulfill its mission. Conspiracy therapists believe that the device was not brought to the end by an object of man-made origin, from which, in their opinion, it would be worthwhile to conclude that the Red Planet was inhabited by someone.

The invention of the department, as is known, turned out to be on Mars back in December 2018. As scientists have already said, they purposefully chose a point for landing, so that large stones and dense rocks would not interfere with the probe during operation. Experts claim that there was no better place to find, since where the probe landed, only sand.

Tom Hoffman, a worker at the Agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, said that all the work and the return of the device to Earth had to be given for three months, but at some point it became clear that it would not work out at that time. March 2 InSight began to drill, but soon stopped, and a few days ago, scientists managed to understand what happened to him.

As it turned out, the device was faced with an obstacle, the origin of which is still beyond the veil of secrecy. It is clear only that the probe will not be able to drill in the same place. This arrangement of things greatly surprised the experts from NASA, because there can be no solid rocks in that area.

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Ufologists announced their hypothesis on this matter. They believe that the probe, which is a modern and very powerful device, is extremely difficult to stop with natural formations. According to alternative researchers, the cause of a bad outcome for InSight was a metal or concrete structure, which could create there the inhabitants.

In other words, conspiracy theorists hint that there is some kind of alien structure under the Martian surface, and it is precisely because of it that the agency’s apparatus cannot wake up further.

Among other things, unconventional researchers say that it is not just about some kind of structure, but about a whole secret base. UFO experts also do not rule out that such alien systems have long been created on our planet, in particular, under the ice and in volcanic craters, where some strange objects have often flown recently.

However, scientists working at NASA do not really believe in the hypothesis proposed by ufologists, and believe that in fact the obstacle that has changed InSight plans is quite a natural phenomenon, in particular, a thick layer of pebbles or just a stone.

It is worth noting that in a couple of days the probe will start working with the seismograph, after which it will be known exactly what constitutes a mysterious entity that he could not drill.

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Earlier, the famous researcher from Taiwan, Scott Waring, engaged in a variety of riddles of the universe, posted on the Internet a remarkable picture, which features an object resembling a humanoid. Ufologist then suggested that the photograph is captured long-dead alien. Skeptics also pushed this version, believing that it was just a pile of stones, which took a bizarre look.

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