NASA Specialist: Aliens have long mastered interstellar travel and visited Earth

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NASA Specialist: Aliens have long mastered interstellar travel and visited Earth

NASA employee Silvano Colombano, who works in the department of intelligent systems, does not doubt the existence of developed alien civilizations. Moreover, he believes, these creatures visited our planet, just humanity could not notice it. The expert tried to explain why this is happening.

Colombano believes that the solution may lie in the following: the life of alien races can be based not on carbon, as we are used to, but on completely different substances. People’s current view of other worlds is too narrow to understand some points.

“It should be noted that aliens, most likely, in terms of the level of technology development have left humanity far behind and, probably, already have excellent interstellar travels. The technological development of our civilization began about 10 thousand years ago, and some significant achievements began to be seen only 500 years ago. Based on this, we can assume that we have certain problems associated with predicting what heights technological evolution will reach, say, in a thousand years. And what about more substantial time periods, ”said the scientist.

The specialist of the US space agency also added that radio waves may become outdated, which will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the search for extraterrestrial life. It is possible that some alien races have progressed so far in their development that man seems to them to be an extremely low-intellectual creature with whom it is impossible to build any serious communication, therefore contact is meaningless.

Despite the famous Fermi paradox, many years of painstaking searches and millions of projects of the leading space agencies of the world failed to find the aliens. And ufologists, in turn, cannot in any way speak to the official science that everything is on the surface, and there is no need to drip deep. As evidence, they cite strange objects on the Moon and Mars, which are precisely traces of alien activity. In addition, the web has accumulated a huge number of photos and videos of UFOs, even leading experts cannot explain the nature of some of them. Apparently, this dispute will not end soon. Something truly meaningful and convincing must happen, so that the opposing sides finally shake hands.