NASA struck the public with an unexpected joke about "evidence" of the existence of aliens

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NASA struck the public with an unexpected joke about "evidence" of the existence of aliens

The National Space Agency (NASA), which, according to alternative scientists, every now and then hides a variety of evidence for the existence of aliens, suddenly shared a mysterious photograph with the world, stating that the content in the form of a snapshot of the alleged crashed alien spaceship indicates the presence of so-called “green men” »Close to people.

However, many, of course, did not believe in the sincerity of representatives of the department and were, as it became clear a little later, absolutely right. Soon the agency’s staff admitted that they were just joking. At the same time, the Internet users themselves understood this, since the strange object very much reminded them of part of some kind of comic apparatus of earthly production.

The incredible at first glance NASA statement was made on November 4th. The relevant material appeared on the official website of the Aeronautics Administration.

“This“ flying saucer ”, flown to us from outer space, crashed in the desert of Utah. This object, seen with the help of radar, even managed to shoot down a military helicopter, ”says a message to a government organization.

In fact, according to the same agency, the usual detail of their cosmic invention appeared in the eyes of the public, a bit like a traditional vessel of representatives of an alien civilization.

The frame got a capsule of the well-known apparatus with the name "Genesis", sent to the sky in August 2001. The task of this device was to study the Sun, in particular, to collect samples of the wind of a giant star. The parachute of the capsule did not open, which was the reason for its fall to the surface of the Earth at a speed of 300 km / h.

Fans of stories about aliens, in turn, were disappointed, although they appreciated the joke of the department. Adherents of the ufological mindset still had the hope that NASA decided not to hide information from the people related to the inhabitants of other planets. Experienced experts on UFOs did understand at once that they were facing an object created on Earth.

“And no aliens have anything to do with this. Before you is an ordinary part of our apparatus, ”the agency added.

NASA promises to find aliens very soon

At the same time, despite the constant conversations of alternative researchers about the fact that the American department is trying to hide from people, by hook or by crook, quite remarkable data concerning humanoids, quite recently its leadership issued a statement saying that soon researchers working with the government would find evidence of an alien of life.

By the way, some ufologists saw in these words a distracting maneuver, but in reality the Pentagon would never share something similar with the press. However, most recently, the President of the United States himself, Donald Trump, said that he was going to not only get acquainted with the data of organizations that have been working for several years on the question of the existence of aliens, but also to make them public. Is the maneuver and the words of the head of the White House distracting? Shows time.

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