NASA wants to build a rocket plant on the moon

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NASA wants to build a rocket plant on the moon

The National Space Agency, which has recently hit the public with its ideas lately, has started talking about the long-awaited exploration of the moon. However, nobody is going to live on the earth’s satellite. According to Life news website, the agency plans to create a rocket plant there. According to preliminary data, the transfer of necessary goods and materials to a space object will begin next year. Currently, experts are working on the design and processing of technical parts. However, they will not assemble any devices at the first industrial-oriented enterprise outside our planet. NASA started only the production of fuel necessary for flights to other planets.

At the same time, the raw materials needed for rocket fuel (helium and hydrogen) will be received directly on the lunar territory. Next year, representatives of the agency even plan to send geological inventions to the Earth’s satellite, which will search for points on it that are most suitable for mining. The upcoming project, according to employees of the United States of America Aeronautics and Space Administration, will become a transshipment point designed to replenish refueling and reserves on the way to other objects of the solar system. Moreover, the lunar station will make it possible to reduce the cost of launching missiles, since they will no longer have to be supplied with additional fuel. In other words, the rockets will be filled with fuel on Earth and sent to the moon, where they will receive a new portion of fuel to continue their space journey.

However, not only NASA is going to use lunar resources. As reported by the media a few days ago, the Japanese company Ispace plans to create a single ecosystem for the moon and the earth. According to Asian experts, a satellite can help earthlings increase their level of life. Researchers from the Land of the Rising Sun already even have sketches of a striking project, during which the environmental concepts of the Blue Planet and the Moon should come together. Such a result, experts say, will give many advantages. In particular, the space infrastructure will be improved, everyday human life will become more favorable, and the habitat of earthlings will increase. The debut stage of the upcoming Ispace mission will be the search for water on our satellite, which will be handled by special devices. Among other things, on the moon they will create a base corresponding to such undertakings.

What is noteworthy, the Japanese company does not experience any problems with the implementation of its plan for the exploration of the moon. Representatives of Ispace raised the necessary 90 million US dollars and created moon rovers, which first will search for points that are more favorable for creating a base. If there are no changes in the plans, then the first mission of the Japanese will start next year.

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