Near the moon, several UFOs were noticed

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Near the moon, several UFOs were noticed

Despite the fact that Mars is a cosmic body, near which unidentified flying objects are most often noticed by astronomers, the Moon is also often discussed by conspiracy theorists for the same reason. In this case, recently, strange events near her began to make themselves felt with enviable frequency. A few days ago, near the satellite of our planet, representatives of ufological organizations again saw strange phenomena. Researchers uploaded the corresponding video to the World Wide Web, in particular, on the YouTube service, where users, divided, as always, into two camps, are engaged in intensive discussion of new mysterious material that has accumulated a bunch of views in the first day after publication.

According to American experts, strange activity around the Earth’s satellite was recorded at night on June 2. As you know now, mysterious photographs were taken on the Arizona side of the lake with the name Mead, located near the Hoover Dam. According to the researchers, several unidentified flying objects flew around the moon. The alleged spaceships shone and were characterized by chaotic movement. At the moment, ufologists are puzzled by the material and are trying to carefully study it in order to understand exactly which objects fell into the frame. According to preliminary data, these were traditional "flying saucers", which, according to UFO experts, are controlled by aliens.

However, skeptics have a slightly different opinion on this subject. Adherents of officially recognized science consider the pictures fake, on the basis of which there is absolutely no doubt that the objects depicted on them have nothing to do with aliens. By the way, none of them believes in their existence. However, alternative scientists have long put forward a hypothesis related to the causes of such a frequent appearance of UFOs near the Moon. As experts in similar riddles suggest, the so-called humanoids charge their "flying saucers" with lunar energy. And the same goal, they say, is being pursued by aliens who are seen near the Sun. It is worth noting that, according to researchers, the giant star of our system is visited more often by aliens than the moon. Some thinkers even believe that near a huge star, representatives of alien life built a plant for the production of spacecraft.

A formerly renowned alien life specialist, referred to as Streetcap1, showed the public a picture that, in his opinion, depicts an alien standing on lunar soil. Interestingly, after some time, pictures were taken of the same place, but a body resembling a humanoid was no longer there. This arrangement of affairs allowed many to disagree with the hypothesis of skeptics who said that the expert took a stone with a bizarre shape for an alien. The specialist himself has no doubt that on the moon there have long been creatures resembling people and periodically flying to Earth.