Neptune's laser shots hit the public

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Neptune's laser shots hit the public

A few days ago, the press published information about incredibly clear pictures that depict the planet Neptune, and now journalists and the public have got the opportunity to enjoy these beauties. High-quality photographs created thanks to the VLT observatory, which is distinguished by man-made luminaries created on a laser basis, are no less remarkable than what the famous Hubble creates.

As you know, Hubble, like many other telescopes, can’t boast an impressive size, but it can produce almost perfect images of comic objects that are too far from Earth. Now VLT is doing something similar, only the laser system is subject to it, and therefore this invention can be safely called a real scientific breakthrough of the last decade.

A laser "gun" was built into VLT two years ago, however, it was fully used quite recently. And it is on Neptune, which is four billion kilometers from people, that the novelty was first tested outside the globe.

The pictures of Jupiter turned out to be so attractive that they are still vehemently discussed by Internet users. However, of particular importance, according to scientists, is not the beauty of photographs, but a clear understanding that the telescopic laser device works perfectly.