Network shocked: UFO shot from the airplane window

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Network shocked: UFO shot from the airplane window

It is not a secret for anyone that unidentified flying objects, which are called aircraft ufologists by representatives of foreign civilization, recently appear quite often near airliners. According to conspiracy theorists, in this way the aliens try to familiarize themselves with terrestrial technical inventions, but no one knows the exact reason for this behavior of a UFO. It is clear only that they are seriously interested in passenger planes, another proof of which was the incident, filmed on video by a Korean.

We are talking about the new visit of the so-called "flying saucer", which made itself felt during the Thailand-Seoul flight. Netizens have already rushed to discuss the incredible content, not forgetting about the placement of their hypotheses in the virtual space.

According to Lucas Kim, who became one of the passengers that day, something incredible got into the lens of his mobile device. Initially, a resident of South Korea did not even think about fixing anything interesting, but then, looking out the window, he came to the conclusion that it would not be superfluous to change his plans.

The young man was shocked when he saw a strange unidentified object right next to the wing of the plane. At least it seemed to the guy that he was so close. According to the passenger, the UFO was glowing, and at some point it even split into several parts, which frightened him even more. By the way, now a striking picture can be appreciated by anyone. The author of the video itself cannot say what it was.

Kim, who had never seen anything like this before, was not only amazed at what had happened, but also became interested in the nature of the origin of the mysterious celestial "guest", so he handed the work of his hands to specialists working with such situations.

Researchers who do not support the traditional scientific views, came to the conclusion that the video is not a fake, and the UFO appearing in it has a direct relationship to the aliens. Conspiracy theorists called the object their spacecraft, but noted that the so-called humanoids had no evil intentions. According to ufologists, the aliens just wanted to consider the airliner closer.

An attractive video, which appeared on the ufological channel and achieved considerable popularity, lasts only half a minute, but this is quite enough to surprise anyone. Content scored more than seventy thousand views and more than a hundred comments. Initially, it shows only the wing of the aircraft, but after a few seconds, a strange UFO of a disc shape appears not far from it.

After another second, the UFO splits into small pieces that show amazing maneuverability and move in one direction. And then the viewer begins to think that this is not about several objects, but about one, but with an extraordinary color. Then the incomprehensible celestial bodies still fly in different directions, in connection with which it becomes clear that there are really a lot of them.

The skeptics didn’t like the video very much, because it reminded them a lot of fake. At the same time, supporters of the traditional world view called for doubting not only the honesty of the author of the incredible material, but also the professionalism of the experts who checked the authenticity of YouYube-novelty.

UFO near the Russian airport

Another alleged alien invasion had previously occurred in Russia. Then, near the airport, located in St. Petersburg, an unidentified flying object also appeared. The mysterious phenomenon was noticed by pilots carrying out the flight Tashkent-Ekaterinburg. Experts said that it could be a hang glider, but so far it has not been possible to confirm this hypothesis.