Nevada residents witnessed the transport of a "flying saucer"

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Nevada residents witnessed the transport of a "flying saucer"

Representatives of ufological organizations reported that the US military got a spaceship that previously belonged to aliens. There are witnesses that an aircraft of extraterrestrial origin was transported using a van.

This incident occurred on one of the tracks in the US state of Nevada. A strange apparatus, very similar to the classic "flying saucer", immediately attracted the attention of local residents, some of whom took photographs and videos. It is assumed that the spacecraft was transported to the legendary base called "Zone-51", which is believed to be fraught with many dark secrets. Ufologists and former employees of federal departments assure that the facility contains a whole research center, where they are engaged in developments based on alien technologies. There is evidence that there are several alien ships, as well as the bodies of the aliens themselves who died during the crash.

Indeed, the object in the photographs is very similar to a "flying saucer", but most Internet users cannot agree with the opinion that it is true. The fact is that this kind of thing is hidden and guarded by military structures very seriously, and it would be unlikely that they would have allowed the transport of an alien spacecraft in such a primitive way, putting it on public display.