New Jersey scared by numerous UFO appearances

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New Jersey scared by numerous UFO appearances

A new appearance of unidentified flying objects was captured on camera in the USA. At this time, the alleged "flying saucers" reminded of themselves in several cities of the state of New Jersey. Mysterious events recorded in Margate, Ocean City and Somers Point. Now workers at the ufological centers are trying to understand what is causing such an abundant flow of possible space ships, and the users of the Network help them in this by building their assumptions.

Initially, residents of the three localities considered that fireworks were launched into the sky, but then this hypothesis was eliminated, since it became clear that the objects move by themselves. At the same time, no UFO sounds were made, but they appeared and disappeared completely suddenly. The movements of objects were chaotic and fairly fast. On the Internet you can find three videos shot by eyewitnesses in all three cities. Mysterious content is quickly gaining popularity, although not all viewers are sure of its authenticity.

Skeptics say that even if one discards the opinion of working with photoshop, it was not “flying saucers” that were noticed in the night sky. Many adherents of rationalism call what they see the creation of nature. The most stubborn of them still think that the cameras recorded exactly the fireworks. Fans of films about the invasion of aliens on Earth, in turn, seriously worried about the future of our planet, because so often humanoids have not been reminded of themselves for a long time.

As for researchers who are obsessed with such riddles, they have a version according to which the aliens decided to study the North America more closely, and therefore it is possible that the number of such visits from their side will soon increase. Against this background, particularly imaginary Americans began to prepare for an alien attack on humans.

Before, two unidentified objects appeared over the mountains of San Bernardino, California. Mysterious light ovals for some time remained near the highway, and then evaporated. According to witnesses, the UFO seemed to be watching them, and this was very uncomfortable.