Nibiru destroyed life on Mars and is approaching Earth

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Nibiru destroyed life on Mars and is approaching Earth

Passions about the mysterious planet Nibiru do not cease: conspiracy theorists, as before, believe that the Earth is in great danger, that a huge space object is moving right at us and will certainly bring death with it. This is evidenced, in particular, by Dr. Ethan Trowbridge, who previously held a responsible position in the geological service of the United States of America.

The climatologist turned to the statements of the now famous Serbian scientist Milorad Protić, who claimed that a thousand and a half years before our era a large wandering planet passed at a close distance from Mars, completely destroying life there. According to him, the next victim of the "merciless killer" will be the Earth.

Trowbridge, continuing the theme of Protich, outlined a bleak picture of the future: Nibiru will pass the Earth at a greater distance than it once passed near Mars, but monstrous destruction is still expected, up to the complete extinction of life.

Ethan also added that US government departments have long been aware of the existence of Planet X and its approach to Earth. This information is kept in the strictest secrecy so that the public cannot get access to it. This is done to prevent panic among the population, which will significantly worsen the already gloomy situation.

In the meantime, official science categorically denies the existence of Nibiru, noting that this is all the result of the work of incompetent people who repel in their work the theory of conspiracy. The bulk of cosirologists are amateurs who do not have the appropriate education, so their discoveries and incredible hypotheses cannot be taken seriously. Nevertheless, individuals involved in the search for UFOs and all that is unusual collect a rather sickly audience of admirers, which agrees with their point of view.