On Mars found a lake with liquid water

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On Mars found a lake with liquid water

Employees of the Italian Space Agency said that on Mars discovered a lake with liquid water, which is located below the surface of the planet. In the study, experts used the Marsis low-frequency radar, launched by the European Space Agency in 2005.

Scientists noted that success in the search for liquid water on the fourth planet of the solar system was achieved thanks to the radio-echo sounding technique. Work in this direction began in 2012, choosing for this the area of ​​the south pole of Mars.

The Marsis device recorded electromagnetic waves, and experts were engaged in the analysis of the obtained data. After several years of painstaking work, the scientific group came across a special area that reflected the signal many times better than the neighboring ones. It was concluded that in this place there is a body of water with liquid water, since all characteristics speak in favor of this statement.

According to scientists, the lake in size is approximately 20 kilometers. It rests at a certain depth, covered with a thick layer of ice cap.

Researchers of the Red Planet do not exclude that there are no more such objects on Mars, therefore, science was very lucky that they managed to find, perhaps, a single copy.