On the moon found a giant pyramid

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On the moon found a giant pyramid

The moon has recently become increasingly the subject of discussion by astronomers and people who are simply interested in the mysteries of space objects. Once again, a mysterious structure was noticed on the Earth’s satellite. The author of the new discovery was the popular researcher Scott Waring, specializing in everything related to the so-called "green men". A media researcher showed a photograph that clearly shows that on the surface of the Selena there is some strange structure resembling a huge pyramid. At the moment, the mysterious triangular object is being discussed by regulars on the World Wide Web, divided into those who believe in aliens, and incorrigible adherents of a purely scientific point of view.

Interestingly, not only Waring reported on the mysterious structure on the moon. Almost at the same time, a specialist from Scotland by the name of George Graham, who published a video on the Internet showing what was captured by the camera of the device assembled by the National Space Agency, also let know about the alleged pyramid on the natural satellite of our planet. As an expert on space riddles said, he happened to stumble upon an obscure lunar object when he looked at pictures taken by the NASA telescope. According to an unconventional scientist, triangular formation is most likely the work of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization.

However, Waring and Graham, like many other eminent conspiracy theorists, are not very surprised by the pyramid on the moon, because before the researchers noticed a lot of strange things on the Earth’s satellite. Once upon a time, entire points inhabited by aliens were even found on its surface. However, a mass sensation from such discoveries in society never happened, since not everyone is ready to believe in such a thing. Many people are distrustful of the news about cities built by aliens due to the lack of evidence from the traditional luminaries of science. But ufologists continue to stand their ground and believe that objects that can in no way be formed by themselves are created by aliens. Moreover, experts on the unidentified have no doubt that aliens have long been in full swing at our planet and even borrow resources from it.

Researchers of strange phenomena also suggest that the government actually knows about the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, but the public will never talk about it. Among other things, ufologists noticed that the authorities constantly interfere with any work aimed at new discoveries in the field of the unidentified. The evidence of these words can be considered the events of 1991 that took place against the backdrop of the Bermuda Triangle, where experts found several man-made pyramids. The top officials of North America quickly closed all projects, during which it was necessary to find out the truth about these buildings.