On Titan, there may be evaporating lakes from liquid methane.

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On Titan, there may be evaporating lakes from liquid methane.

On Titan, which is the largest satellite of the planet Saturn, there are probably dying lakes based on liquid methane. The group of scientists came to this conclusion after analyzing the data collected by the Cassini spacecraft.

The automatic station Cassini made a total of about 100 close encounters with Titan, taking pictures of him. On some shots, three liquid lakes were captured, which then somehow disappeared. This event made planetologists think about possible ongoing seasonal changes on the object under study.

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The last time Cassini hovered over the surface of Titan in the spring of 2017, taking measurements with an altimeter. It was possible, for example, to determine that the depth of the depressions there reaches hundreds of meters, and they are filled with methane in a liquid state. Thus, the satellite of the gas giant is one of the most interesting space objects for science, because only there, if we speak only about the Solar System, besides the Earth, is there a liquid.

The implementation of the Cassini project involved NASA, ESA and the Italian Space Agency. Having created the station, they launched it in 1997 and sent it to Saturn. Investigating the planet itself, its rings and satellites, in September 2017, the device ceased to exist, heading into the dense layers of the atmosphere of the gas giant.