Photo of the mysterious Martian base appeared on the web

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Photo of the mysterious Martian base appeared on the web

Very remarkable phenomena, which every now and then attract conspiracy theorists, as well as ordinary lovers of everything unknown, continue to occur on Mars. This time astronomers captured a strange occurrence on Mars, where recently they often see this, and some researchers are even sure that this space object is inhabited by alien creatures. According to the foreign press, something similar to the alien base was seen in one of the photos of the National Space Agency. At the moment, an interesting situation is being actively discussed not only by experts on mysterious events, but also by ordinary Internet users who have traditionally been divided into skeptics and those who believe in mysticism and the existence of humanoids.

The mysterious news came from a famous expert on issues related to aliens. Scott Waring, who is the most popular ufologist of our time, told the public about the strange structure he had seen on the surface of the Red Planet. According to the media thinker, you can also see huge darkened windows on it. He also showed the corresponding frame and spoke about his assumptions in this regard. According to an extraordinary writer and teacher, most likely, the apparatus of the American space department captured the work of the so-called "green men", who, according to Scott, are considered long-time residents of the orange "neighbor" of the globe.

Waring even made a special video in which he spoke in detail about his amazing find. The eminent researcher enlarged the photo to mark the outlines of the windows of the alleged base, which stands out among the orange landscape with precise geometric shapes. Scott believes that dark windows that provide protection from the sun are simply necessary because there is no atmosphere on Mars. The ufologist also noted that the space department knew about the Martian object and could not help noticing it when looking through fresh photographs. According to the expert, in this case we are talking about a fresh conspiracy against people. NASA, in turn, as always, does not make any comments.

Fans of an independent researcher are completely in solidarity with him and also believe that it was the aliens who made the huge structure. For some of them, the mysterious base on the Red Planet in general has become a key proof of the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization. However, there were some skeptics who have a completely different point of view on this subject. According to the supporters of the adherents of traditional science, the blame for everything is ordinary optical illusion. Among other things, some opponents of storytellers about aliens have no doubt that the resourceful Waring just tried to get in the spotlight with the help of a special computer program, although he constantly says that he never uses Photoshop for such purposes.